Blockchair Unleashes AI-Driven Interface, Supporting 42 Blockchains Including Bitcoin, Solana, TRON, and Polygon

  • Blockchair announces support for 24 new blockchains, enhancing its multi-blockchain explorer platform.
  • The platform now offers a unified interface for 42 blockchains, providing unparalleled access to on-chain data.
  • The introduction of an AI assistant further improves user experience by helping users interpret and understand on-chain data.

Blockchair’s latest update expands its blockchain explorer capabilities and introduces an AI-driven interface, offering comprehensive support and analysis across 42 blockchains.

Major Expansion: Blockchair Now Supports 42 Blockchains

Blockchair has significantly expanded its platform by adding support for 24 new blockchains. This major update includes prominent names such as Solana, Base, TRON, Arbitrum One, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Optimism, TON, Beacon Chain, Aptos, Avalanche, DigiByte, Fantom, Handshake, Moonbeam, Peercoin, Polkadot, Sei EVM, and XRP Ledger. Additionally, upcoming Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions like BOB, Botanix, Rootstock, and Liquid Network are now integrated into Blockchair’s ecosystem.

Enhancing User Experience with AI-Driven Features

The redesigned Blockchair platform boasts improved performance and a modern interface, making navigation more intuitive and user-friendly. The introduction of the Blockchair AI Assistant is a game-changer, providing users with professional support and helping them interpret on-chain data efficiently. The AI assistant addresses common user queries such as transaction processing times, ways to speed up or cancel transactions, and distinguishing between legitimate and fraudulent advice.

Revolutionizing On-Chain Data Analysis

Blockchair’s AI assistant has already proven its value by guiding thousands of users and preventing scams. The platform’s redesign includes dedicated sections for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other ecosystems, along with expanded fiat currency support for denominating data. Users can now access KYA/KYT scores for transaction risk evaluation, enhancing the platform’s utility and security.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Blockchair remains committed to expanding its support for new blockchains and enhancing its professional developer tools. The platform offers APIs, PDF receipts and wallet statements generators, an Awesome Catalog of Blockchain and Crypto services, a News Aggregator, Data Dumps, an anonymous portfolio tracker, and charts with blockchain and monetary data. Blockchair ensures user privacy by not gathering or sharing user data with third parties, and the website is available in 20 languages.


Blockchair’s latest updates solidify its position as a leading multi-blockchain explorer. By supporting 42 blockchains and introducing AI-driven features, Blockchair provides users with unparalleled access to on-chain data and professional support. The platform’s continuous improvements and commitment to user privacy make it an invaluable tool for scientists, developers, and crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

About Blockchair:

Blockchair offers the most private search and analytics engine and a wide range of professional tools for scientists and developers of multi-currency wallets and exchanges, for 42 different blockchains. This includes APIs, PDF receipts and Wallet statements generator, Awesome Catalog of Blockchain and Crypto services, News Aggregator, Data Dumps, an anonymous portfolio tracker, and charts with blockchain and monetary data. The website is offered in 20 languages and no user data is gathered nor shared with third parties.


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