BloodLoop Token Launch and Airdrop: Your Guide to Earning BLS in June

  • Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are gearing up as a wave of new token airdrops sweeps through the market.
  • These airdrops are particularly focused on blockchain networks and gaming tokens.
  • Multiple projects are rewarding early adopters, which is further decentralizing governance and boosting user engagement.

Explore the latest developments in the cryptocurrency airdrop season, with a focus on gaming tokens and decentralized governance. Learn how you can get involved and potentially benefit from these exciting opportunities.

Hamster Kombat: Innovative Gaming Rewards

Riding on the success of Notcoin, Hamster Kombat offers a unique experience where players can earn in-game coins by clicking or tapping the screen. As a hamster CEO managing your own crypto exchange, players can upgrade various business aspects to earn more passive income. The upcoming token launch on The Open Network has players eager to accumulate in-game coins that could be exchanged for real crypto tokens. While the exact date for the token drop remains unclear, anticipation is building since its initial announcement at the end of May.

Noteworthy Innovations in Gaming Airdrops

Hamster Kombat isn’t just about clicking and earning coins. By embedding elements of business management and strategic upgrades, the game introduces a new layer of engagement. Players increase their earnings potential by improving their virtual exchange’s marketing, licensing, and other facets. Such innovation in gaming mechanisms signifies a broader trend towards more complex and rewarding gaming ecosystems within the crypto space.

Immutable zkEVM: Rewarding Early Adopters

The Ethereum-based Immutable zkEVM has announced “The Main Quest,” a rewards initiative in response to the platform’s recent expansion. Early participants in selected games like Guild of Guardians and MetalCore will have the chance to earn IMX tokens. With at least $50 million in IMX tokens allocated for rewards, users can also gain benefits by trading Immutable NFTs and engaging with Immutable zkEVM DEXs.

Expanding the Ecosystem

Immutable’s massive rewards campaign aims not just to attract users but to create a robust economy within its zkEVM layer-2 network. By incentivizing early participation and trading, the platform is building an enthusiastic user base while ensuring liquidity and activity within its ecosystem. The generosity of the reward pool signals Immutable’s commitment to fostering a thriving decentralized community.

Saga Protocol: Gaming and Staking Rewards

Saga Protocol continues to push the envelope in the gaming blockchain sector. Following successful “play-to-airdrop” campaigns, the network is planning new airdrops for SAGA token stakers. Key partnerships with Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche will deliver token packs and NFTs to early supporters. The first airdrop will distribute $10 million worth of SAGA to stakers, setting a high bar for future rewards.

Illuvium: Integrating Airdrops with Gameplay

As one of the most eagerly awaited franchises, Illuvium is leveraging its open beta launch to distribute airdrop reward points. Operating on a testnet open beta since late May, the game aims to transition to mainnet soon while continuing to reward players with points, potentially valued at over $25 million. This mechanism encourages consistent engagement and rewards player dedication.

Nifty Island: Multi-Faceted Earning Opportunities

Since its open beta launch in January, Nifty Island has provided users various ways to earn ISLAND tokens through gameplay, referrals, and NFT ownership in connected wallets. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the token drop date, the game has seen a surge in user activity, all eager for a share of the forthcoming tokens.

Crypto Unicorns: Migration and Rewards

Moving from Polygon to the Arbitrum-powered layer-3 network, Xai, Crypto Unicorns is planning a play-to-airdrop campaign to reward player loyalty during this transition. The campaign will kick off once the game relaunches at the end of June, providing players with token incentives for their ongoing participation.

MetalCore: Points Leading to Tokens

MetalCore is gearing up for a major token airdrop tied to player engagement in its closed beta. Players acquire points, “marks”, which will convert into the new MCG tokens. Despite some delays, the anticipated open beta and token launch are generating considerable buzz within the gaming community.

Collaborative Ventures in Gaming

MetalCore has also announced its collaboration with the Mon Protocol, allowing players to earn MON tokens through special quests. This unique integration illustrates the growing trend of interdisciplinary partnerships in the crypto and gaming industries, aimed at providing diverse earning opportunities to players.

Delabs Games and Rumble Racing Star

Delabs Games has introduced several reward initiatives, including the Ladybug’s Journey Campaign and the Race for Riches phase, which offers $100,000 USDC and GAME tokens to players. The campaigns are designed to enhance player engagement through social media missions and in-game activities, providing a comprehensive earning strategy for users.

Pirate Nation: Calling All Seafarers

Offering a fully on-chain gaming experience, Pirate Nation uses a BOOTY reward points system that ties gameplay and social interactions to future token rewards. These points can be accumulated and used to determine further rewards, adding a layer of strategy to player engagement and retention.

BloodLoop: Competitive Gaming Rewards

BloodLoop, an Avalanche-based hero shooter, will launch its BLS tokens on June 10th, followed by an extensive play-to-airdrop campaign. Rewards will be performance-based, ensuring that skill and progress in the game are key determinants of token distribution. This approach promises a fairer reward system tailored to player achievements.

AI Arena: Merging AI with Gaming

AI Arena combines AI with Super Smash Bros-style gameplay, rewarding players with NRN tokens through its play-to-airdrop campaigns. The latest wave of competition saw 40 million NRN tokens distributed, with another 40 million tokens planned for future prize boxes. The game challenges players to train AI combatants, emphasizing strategic gameplay.


The ongoing trends in airdrop campaigns signify a robust and dynamic future for the crypto and gaming sectors. These initiatives not only reward early adopters and loyal users but also foster decentralized governance and stimulate user engagement. As new projects continue to roll out innovative airdrop mechanisms, participants have myriad opportunities to benefit. Keeping a close eye on these emerging trends could provide significant returns in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

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