BtcTurk and Defiance Capital Hit by Major Cyber Attacks: Ensuring Crypto Asset Safety

  • The cryptocurrency market faced significant turmoil on June 22-23 with multiple platforms falling prey to various types of cyber-attacks.
  • These incidents have once again stirred anxiety among investors regarding the security of their crypto assets.
  • Here’s a detailed account of the incidents that occurred.

Discover the latest security breaches in the crypto world as we delve into the attacks on various platforms, investor implications, and future precautions.

Major Security Breach on Defiance Capital

The first in the series of attacks targeted Defiance Capital, a decentralized finance (DeFi) investment fund. Cybercriminals managed to hijack the official Twitter account of Defiance Capital and used it to announce a fraudulent DEFIANCE token launch. The fake post promised users a distribution of tokens and included a link that would supposedly give access to these assets. Fortunately, Arthur Cheong, the company’s founder and CEO, quickly identified the breach, warning the public not to click on the fake link.

Exemplary Response from BtcTurk Amid Cyber Attack

In another distressing incident, Turkish-based cryptocurrency exchange BtcTurk announced a cyber-attack on its platform. Unauthorized entities gained access to some of the hot wallets and compromised balances in ten different cryptocurrencies. The majority of the exchange’s assets, which are stored in cold wallets, remained secure. BtcTurk assured its users that they are financially robust and capable of covering the affected accounts’ losses. As a precautionary measure, the platform temporarily halted deposit and withdrawal operations. They also announced a collaboration with Binance for remediation efforts.

Security Vulnerability Detected in CoinStats

The series of breaches did not end there. CoinStats, a platform known for helping investors track their crypto portfolios, reported detecting a security vulnerability. Certain wallets created within the app were compromised. CoinStats advised users to transfer their assets to more secure platforms and to export their private keys to mitigate any potential losses.

Implications of Recent Cyber Attacks on Crypto Market

These latest events highlight the ongoing and significant security vulnerabilities within the cryptocurrency market. Investors are urged to stay vigilant against phishing links and dubious information. Attackers use various methods to deceive and exploit investors, making it crucial to rely on information from credible sources and to contact official representatives in case of suspicious activities.

Potential Wider Impact of CoinStats Security Breach

Interestingly, some users affected by the BtcTurk incident claimed that the hack impacted not just wallets created within CoinStats, but also wallets connected externally such as Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. This raises the possibility that the scope of the CoinStats breach could be broader than initially reported.


The recent series of attacks on cryptocurrency platforms underscores the importance of rigorous security measures. Investors must be diligent in safeguarding their assets by avoiding suspicious links and using reliable, secure platforms. Staying informed through trusted sources is essential for navigating the crypto market, which, despite its vulnerabilities, continues to offer substantial opportunities. Enhanced collaboration among crypto entities and continuous improvement in security protocols will be crucial in mitigating future risks.

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