Jack Mallers at BTC Prague 2024: Why Bitcoin’s Proof of Work Makes It the Best Cryptocurrency

  • Jack Mallers, the CEO and Founder of Strike, took the stage at BTC Prague 2024 with a focus on enhancing the understanding of Bitcoin.
  • Mallers addressed the common questions around Bitcoin’s unique attributes compared to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Solana.
  • He boldly titled his presentation “There Is No Second Best,” aiming to elucidate the critical differences between Bitcoin and its crypto counterparts.

Dive into Jack Mallers’ insights from BTC Prague 2024, where he distinguishes Bitcoin’s unparalleled features and the importance of proof of work in the cryptocurrency realm.

Understanding Bitcoin’s Unique Value Proposition

During his keynote, Mallers emphasized that Bitcoin stands apart from other cryptocurrencies due to its reliance on proof of work. Unlike other consensus mechanisms, proof of work provides unparalleled security and trust without the need for intermediaries. Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision emphasized this model as the only solution for a decentralized, peer-to-peer e-cash system beyond the control of a centralized entity.

The Digital Reality: Abstractions vs. Physical World

Mallers delved into the concept of the digital age, where many virtual representations far remove themselves from physical reality. Using the analogy of a map and its territory, he explained that digital tools, while powerful and insightful, remain as representations and not replacements for what they depict. This distinction is paramount when understanding how digital systems like cryptocurrencies operate.

Power Dynamics: Abstract vs. Physical Power

An intriguing section of Mallers’ talk revolved around the nature of power within digital spaces. He used Mark Zuckerberg as an example to show that while he has no tangible power over individuals, his influence through platforms like social media is profound. This abstract power differs significantly from physical power, which is bounded by physical reality and constraints like military force or tangible assets such as gold.

The Evolution of Monetary Systems

Mallers provided historical context by discussing the transformation of the US dollar from the gold standard to a fiat currency system. This shift exemplifies how abstractions have become central to modern financial systems, but also how they demand significant trust—a trust that has not always been upheld, leading to exploitation and crises.

Proof of Work: Bridging Physical and Digital Realms

Highlighting the seminal work of Adam Back, who used proof of work to combat email spam, Mallers illustrated how this mechanism connects physical effort to the digital world. Bitcoin’s ledger, protected through the proof of work protocol, necessitates real-world energy and computation, ensuring that the digital currency is backed by tangible resources. This physical anchoring sets Bitcoin apart as a resilient and credible asset in the digital ecosystem.

Risks of Abstracted Consensus Mechanisms

Contrasting Bitcoin with proof of stake systems used by other cryptocurrencies, Mallers argued that these systems are vulnerable to manipulation. Proof of stake relies on abstract relationships and power dynamics, making such cryptocurrencies susceptible to influence by wealthy entities or large stakeholders. In his view, Ethereum and similar altcoins, which lack proof of work, are not sufficiently rooted in physical reality, and therefore pose greater risks.


Mallers concluded by underscoring the importance of education in the crypto space. Truly understanding Bitcoin’s strengths stems from grasping the concept of proof of work. He reaffirmed his assertion that Bitcoin remains unrivaled in its category due to its unique and robust consensus mechanism, leaving no room for a ‘second best’ in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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