BtcTurk Hot Wallets Hacked: $54.2M in AVAX Tied to Cyber Attack, $5.3M Recovered

  • BtcTurk, a leading Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, recently experienced a cyber breach affecting some of its hot wallets.
  • Despite the breach, BtcTurk maintains financial stability and the majority of assets in cold storage remain secure.
  • A collaborative effort between BtcTurk and Binance has led to the recovery of a substantial portion of the stolen funds.

Explore the impact of a significant cyber attack on BtcTurk, recovery efforts involving Binance, and the broader implications for the crypto industry in 2024.

$5.3 Million Recovered by BtcTurk – Assessing the Scope of the Damage

In a recent development, BtcTurk revealed that a cyber attack targeted its platform on June 22, sparking concerns across the crypto community. While the total financial damage remains undisclosed, BtcTurk reported that only the hot wallets of 10 cryptocurrencies were compromised, leaving its cold storage unaffected. This distinction is crucial, as the majority of the exchange’s assets are stored in more secure cold wallets.

Binance CEO Richard Teng commented on the incident, noting that Binance is actively assisting in the investigation and has managed to freeze $5.3 million of the misappropriated funds. Teng emphasized Binance’s commitment to round-the-clock efforts in safeguarding the crypto ecosystem from malicious actors. He stated:

“Binance is assisting BtcTurk with investigations and has frozen over $5.3M in stolen funds so far. Our investigations & security teams work around the clock as part of our proactive efforts to protect the ecosystem from bad actors. We will provide further updates as relevant.”

Additionally, on-chain investigator ZachXBT has suggested that the hackers might be linked to an address that recently transferred a significant amount of AVAX to major exchanges, correlating with a notable drop in AVAX’s market value. However, BtcTurk has yet to confirm this theory and has halted all transactions on its trading platform. The exchange assured users that their assets remain safe despite the incident.

2024’s Second Major Crypto Exchange Hack – An Alarming Trend?

The BtcTurk incident marks the second major hack of a cryptocurrency exchange in 2024, following the May breach of DMM Bitcoin in Japan, which resulted in a loss of $305 million in BTC. Such incidents highlight the intrinsic risks associated with centralized crypto exchanges, which hold significant amounts of assets and private keys of their users. This custody setup makes them prime targets for cyber attacks.

The scale of asset holdings on centralized exchanges significantly surpasses that of decentralized platforms. For instance, Coingecko reports that Binance handles trading volumes 13 times greater than those of Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange. These figures underline the vast sums at risk in centralized exchanges.

Consequently, each security breach serves as a stark reminder of the continuous need for advancements in cybersecurity measures and collaborative efforts across the industry to mitigate such threats.


The recent cyber attack on BtcTurk exemplifies the persistent security challenges faced by centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite experiencing asset losses, BtcTurk’s prompt recovery actions and collaboration with Binance illustrate the sector’s resilience and commitment to protecting user assets. This incident, the second of its kind in 2024, underscores the imperative of advancing security protocols and fostering cooperative defense strategies within the crypto ecosystem to safeguard against future breaches.

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