Caitlyn Jenner’s Crypto Token JENNER ($JENNER) Raises Eyebrows: Scam Concerns or Legit Investment?

  • Caitlyn Jenner’s crypto debut leaves more questions than answers.
  • Apparently, Jenner and Rich the Kid claimed they were scammed.
  • Several celebrities’ and crypto influencers’ social media accounts have been reportedly ‘compromised’ and used to pump various crypto tokens.

Discover the latest developments in the crypto world as Caitlyn Jenner and Rich the Kid allege they were scammed, while Iggy Azalea outsmarts a memecoin scammer.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Crypto Debut: A Controversial Start

Caitlyn Jenner, a well-known social media personality, recently launched her own token, JENNER, which quickly amassed $100 million in trading volume within hours of its debut. However, confusion surrounds the legitimacy of this token, as Jenner and rapper Rich the Kid have both claimed they were scammed. The token, based on the Solana blockchain, saw a meteoric rise of over 19000% in just two days, raising eyebrows and questions about its authenticity.

Allegations of a Scam

Despite the initial hype, Jenner dismissed claims that her account was hacked, stating, “I have not been hacked, and keep sending this to the moon.” However, another user, Roxo, alleged that Jenner’s account was socially engineered by a scammer named Sahil Arora, who reportedly orchestrated five influencer scams last week, including Jenner’s. Jenner later confirmed these allegations, expressing frustration and anger towards Sahil.

Rich the Kid and Iggy Azalea: More Victims?

Rapper Rich the Kid also fell victim to Sahil’s scams, further highlighting the widespread nature of these fraudulent activities. On the other hand, Iggy Azalea, another celebrity whose account recently posted crypto-related content, managed to distance herself from Sahil. Azalea stated, “I was in contact enough to smell he’s a b*tch,” indicating her suspicion and caution towards the scammer.

Historical Context of Sahil Arora’s Scams

Sahil Arora’s fraudulent activities are not limited to the crypto world. In 2017, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of India’s fintech giant PayTM, accused Sahil of impersonation and identity theft. This historical context adds another layer of complexity to the current situation, suggesting that Sahil’s scams are part of a broader pattern of deceit.

The Broader Implications for the Crypto Community

The recent spate of scams involving high-profile celebrities underscores the need for caution and due diligence in the crypto space. Market observers note that meme coins without a strong community can easily be used as exit scams, leading to significant financial losses for unsuspecting investors. The case of GCR Classic, another crypto influencer who was reportedly hacked over the weekend, further illustrates the vulnerabilities within the crypto ecosystem.


The allegations of scams involving Caitlyn Jenner, Rich the Kid, and other celebrities highlight the risks and uncertainties in the crypto market. While some accounts may have been compromised, others were likely socially engineered, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and skepticism. As the crypto space continues to evolve, investors must remain cautious and conduct thorough research before engaging with new tokens and meme coins.

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