California Judge Dismisses Class-Action Claims Against Ripple, XRP Individual Case Heads to Trial

  • Ripple faces ongoing legal challenges concerning the status and sale of XRP.
  • In a recent development, a California judge has dismissed certain class-action claims but allowed an individual lawsuit to proceed.
  • Judge’s decision highlights significant legal interpretations regarding cryptocurrency and securities laws.

An in-depth analysis of Ripple’s recent legal battles over XRP and their implications for the cryptocurrency market.

Ripple’s Class-Action Dismissed but Individual Case Proceeds

In a significant judicial decision, a California judge has dismissed multiple class-action claims against Ripple regarding their sale of XRP. The dismissal pertains to allegations that Ripple sold XRP as an unregistered security, a claim brought forth by Bradley Sostack, a former investor. However, in a twist, the judge has permitted Sostack’s individual claim to advance to trial.

The Individual Claim: Misleading Statements and the Howey Test

The individual lawsuit centers around statements made by Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, during a 2017 interview where he expressed strong support for XRP. Sostack argues that these statements were misleading given Garlinghouse’s concurrent sales of XRP. Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton noted that the resolution of this claim depends on the application of the Howey test—a legal standard used to determine whether an asset qualifies as an investment contract. Given the relative newness of cryptocurrency-related law, the judge refrained from summarizing the judgment, necessitating a detailed trial to explore these claims further.

SEC Lawsuit and Broader Implications for Ripple

The classification of XRP has been a contentious issue, particularly after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) initiated a lawsuit against Ripple in late 2020. Accusations that Ripple sold XRP as an unregistered security have generated widespread debate and concern within the crypto community. Last year, a notable ruling by Judge Analisa Torres determined that Ripple’s open-market sales of XRP did not amount to securities offerings, diverging from the SEC’s stance. However, the judge concurred with the SEC on Ripple’s direct sales to institutional investors being considered securities transactions.

Legal Ramifications and Investor Sentiment

Brad Garlinghouse termed Judge Hamilton’s recent ruling as a ‘big win’ for Ripple, asserting that it reaffirms the company’s position against federal securities law violations. However, the ongoing trial concerning state law underscores the complexities involved in cryptocurrency regulations. Industry analysts suggest that the outcome of these legal battles could shape future regulatory policies and investor sentiment towards XRP and other cryptocurrencies.


The recent judicial developments in Ripple’s ongoing legal saga highlight the intricate nature of cryptocurrency regulation and its implications on the industry. With certain class-action claims dismissed and an individual lawsuit proceeding to trial, the legal landscape remains complex and evolving. The outcome of these cases will not only impact Ripple but could also set significant legal precedents for the broader cryptocurrency market. Investors and stakeholders should remain vigilant and informed as these proceedings continue to unfold.

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