Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Defends Network’s Robust Fundamentals Amid Media Criticism

  • Cardano’s foundational strength remains robust, as emphasized by its founder Charles Hoskinson.
  • The Cardano network’s portrayal in media has been criticized for lacking accuracy.
  • Significant blockchain developments and technological advancements are often overlooked in mainstream crypto coverage.

Charles Hoskinson refutes media claims, emphasizing Cardano’s resilience and progress in the blockchain space.

Cardano Founder Rebukes Misleading Media Narratives

In a firm statement this week, Hoskinson denounced media outlets for inaccurately predicting the demise of the Cardano network. He affirmed that the ecosystem is thriving and equipped for future challenges.

Hoskinson elaborated on Cardano’s substantial progress, including the anticipation of a major hard fork, poised to be a benchmark in the project’s timeline. The mention of rapidly growing community DApps, Cardano’s significant contributions to scaling R&D, and upcoming pivotal events like Rare Evo and the Foundation Summit underscore the network’s enduring strength.

Further underscoring its strength, Hoskinson spotlighted developments such as Hydra, the evolution of partner chains, and initiatives like Midnight and Prism. He also acknowledged the importance of community-driven events like Catalyst and the constitutional convention held in Argentina. These initiatives highlight Cardano’s focus on building a resilient and engaged community.

Hoskinson voiced his frustration over the persistent negative coverage, deeming it misinformed and disconnected from the actual advancements within the Cardano ecosystem. Despite these media narratives, he reiterated his unwavering confidence in Cardano’s capability to lead the cryptocurrency industry, addressing critical global issues through its innovative solutions.

Cardano’s Chang Hard Fork on the Horizon

The Cardano network is preparing for the impending Chang hard fork, slated for the second quarter of this year. This event marks a significant governance shift for the blockchain.

The hard fork will comprise two upgrades: Chang Upgrade Number One and Chang Upgrade Number Two. The first upgrade will introduce crucial governance functionalities, initiating the technical bootstrapping phase as defined in SIP 1694. This will pave the way for decentralized voting and other governance activities.

Subsequently, Chang Upgrade Number Two will move SIP 1694 beyond the technical bootstrapping phase, fully enabling on-chain governance. This enhancement will incorporate features such as delegated representative participation and treasury withdrawals, empowering the Cardano community to propose and fund innovative projects, ensuring sustained growth and evolution of the ecosystem.


In summary, Charles Hoskinson’s rebuttal of media narratives highlights the enduring strength and innovative progress of the Cardano network. The upcoming Chang hard fork signifies a transformative era in Cardano’s governance, poised to unlock new potentials for decentralized decision-making. Despite media skepticism, Cardano’s trajectory remains firmly upward, ensuring its critical role in the future of blockchain technology.

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