Cardano’s (ADA) UTXO-HD v0.10.0 Upgrade: Will It Propel ADA Price to $0.50?

  • Cardano has recently updated its UTXO-HD to version 0.10.0, aiming to enhance open-source contributions on its blockchain network.
  • The price of ADA has fallen to $0.44, yet indicators are hinting at a potential rebound in the near future.
  • Input Output, the engineering team behind Cardano, confirmed the successful deployment of this important upgrade.

Cardano unveils UTXO-HD upgrade: What it means for ADA’s future?

A New Era for Cardano’s UTXO-HD

The introduction of the UTXO-HD update signifies a significant leap for Cardano. Unlike the typical Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO), incorporating “HD” (high-density) into the mix means that the mechanism influencing user activities has transitioned to a more efficient version.

Implications of the UTXO-HD Upgrade

With the UTXO-HD now rebased atop node v 8.11 and upgraded to version 0.10.0, the Cardano developers are equipped with enhanced data access. This enables more robust contributions to the open-source framework of the blockchain, potentially spurring further innovation and development within the ecosystem.

Impact on ADA’s Market Performance

Despite the upgrade, ADA’s market price remained static, trading at $0.44 as of the latest reports, marking a 2.85% weekly drop. Nevertheless, certain indicators suggest that a price shift might be imminent. Understanding liquidation levels can offer more clarity on ADA’s future movements.

Analyzing Liquidation Levels

Liquidation levels signify points where market-wide liquidations could occur, indirectly affecting price trends. Current data from Hyblock reveals a potential magnetic zone between $0.46 and $0.49, suggesting a likelihood for price ascension. Additionally, a negative Cumulative Liquidations Levels Delta (CLLD) correlates with increased short liquidation events over longs, hinting at a probable upward adjustment.

ADA’s Prognosis: On the Cusp of Recovery?

Given the negative CLLD, the analysis indicates that short positions might face liquidation, paving the way for a price rise. If ADA’s trading volume, as observed on Santiment, dips further while prices remain low, this convergent trend might denote an imminent price rebound.

Market Sentiment Analysis

Cardano’s Weighted Sentiment score stands at 0.60, signaling a rise in positive market conversations. Should this sentiment sustain, it will likely bolster ADA demand, leading to a potential price hike possibly reaching the $0.50 mark.


In summary, while the UTXO-HD upgrade is a technical advancement for Cardano, its immediate financial impact on ADA is nuanced. Market indicators and liquidation level analysis suggest that ADA could see a short-term price uptick to $0.50. Continuous observation of sentiment and trading volumes will be critical for predicting Cardano’s trajectory in the coming periods.

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