Cardano’s Chang Fork: Pioneering Decentralized Governance and On-Chain Voting in Blockchain Evolution

  • Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano blockchain, recently announced an upcoming milestone for the Cardano ecosystem.
  • The Cardano Node is anticipated to reach version 9.0 this month, coinciding with the Chang hard fork.
  • “The Chang fork represents a major leap towards decentralized governance for Cardano,” said Hoskinson.

Cardano’s Chang hard fork ushers in the Voltaire era, advancing decentralized governance and on-chain voting mechanisms.

Introduction of the Chang Hard Fork and its Significance

Cardano’s Chang hard fork is a pivotal update that signals the beginning of the Voltaire era, the final phase in Cardano’s development roadmap. This phase places a strong emphasis on achieving decentralized governance and implementing on-chain voting mechanisms. With this update, the Cardano community gains significant influence over the blockchain’s future trajectory through a comprehensive voting and treasury system. ADA holders can vote on various proposals, ensuring their voices are heard in critical developmental decisions.

Decentralized Governance: Shifting Control to the Community

One of the most critical aspects of the Chang hard fork is the shift towards decentralized governance. This transformation transfers decision-making power from the core development team to the Cardano community. With the introduction of on-chain voting, ADA holders will now have the ability to directly vote on proposals, making the governance process more inclusive and democratic. Furthermore, a treasury system will be set up to finance future developments and community-led initiatives, bolstering Cardano’s long-term sustainability.

Technical Advancements and Security Enhancements

The upgrade brings significant technical advancements, including enhanced security measures designed to improve the resilience and safety of the Cardano network. The blockchain’s architecture will be fortified against potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a more secure environment for users and developers alike. Additionally, these improvements are set to make the network more efficient, paving the way for future technological innovations.

The Role of Stake Pool Operators (SPOs)

For the Chang hard fork to be successfully implemented, a minimum of 70% of Cardano’s stake pool operators (SPOs) need to upgrade to the new node version. This requirement ensures network stability and readiness for the transition into the Voltaire era. Once this threshold is met, the blockchain will officially undergo the Chang hard fork, marking a significant step in Cardano’s evolutionary journey.

The Legacy of Phil Chang and Future Prospects

Named in honor of Phil Chang, a key figure in Cardano governance who passed away in 2022, the Chang hard fork holds deep sentimental value within the community. According to Hoskinson, this upgrade is a monumental milestone that facilitates the creation of a “decentralized civilization spanning the world with millions of residents.” He believes that post-Chang fork, Cardano will possess the world’s most advanced blockchain governance system, featuring annual budgets and a robust treasury.

Charles Hoskinson’s Vision for the Future

Reflecting on Cardano’s decade-long journey, Hoskinson expressed immense pride in the community’s accomplishments and optimism for the future. He envisions the next decade as an opportunity to make a significant global impact, driving the blockchain industry forward. “Cardano gives me hope for our industry and the world. Let’s spend the next decade making a big dent in the universe,” he stated.


The Chang hard fork represents a transformative milestone for Cardano, promoting decentralized governance and enhanced community participation. With significant upgrades and new mechanisms, Cardano is well-poised to strengthen its position as a leading blockchain platform. As the network gears up for this extensive update, the community eagerly anticipates the new opportunities and advancements that lie ahead.

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