Cardano’s Chronoshot Sci-Fi Game Hits Epic Games Store Wishlist Milestone

  • Cardano’s free-to-play sci-fi shooter game, Chronoshot, has recently reached a noteworthy milestone by being added to the wishlist on the Epic Games Store.
  • This addition signifies a significant step for Cardano, showcasing its expanding footprint in the gaming industry.
  • “I am happy to see Cardano on Epic Games,” stated Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, on social media.

Discover Cardano’s growing influence in the gaming world with our in-depth look at Chronoshot’s recent milestone on the Epic Games Store.

Cardano Achieves Major Gaming Milestone with Chronoshot

Cardano’s sci-fi shooter game, Chronoshot, has reached an important landmark by making it onto the wishlist of the Epic Games Store. This indicates a growing prominence for Cardano within the gaming scene. Epic Games Store, known as a major distributive hub for video games, grants Chronoshot an expansive platform for reaching new players and gaining visibility.

Cardano Founder’s Reaction

Reacting to this significant achievement, Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson shared on social media, “I am happy to see Cardano on Epic Games.” This express acknowledgment reinforces the importance of this milestone, emphasizing Cardano’s aspirations and the broader gaming community’s recognition of their accomplishments within the industry.

Current Status of Chronoshot

Currently in its early access phase, Chronoshot is under development but available for players to explore and contribute feedback. This stage includes two single-player modes complete with leaderboards, offering a sneak peek into the game’s potential. The presence on the Epic Games Store at this stage is intended to spark interest and collect valuable player insights before the game’s official release.

Upcoming Features: Multiplayer and NFTs

The full launch of Chronoshot, expected later this year, will introduce a multiplayer feature. Players will need to establish a free RFLXT account which is instrumental in character progression through Cardano-based NFTs. This integration underlines Cardano’s adept use of Blockchain technology within a gaming context, providing players with a competitive advantage.

Technological Integration Enhances Gaming Experience

The development team at RFLXT underscores the game’s focus on interoperability. By establishing RFLXT accounts, players can leverage various Blockchain and AI-driven features aimed at enhancing user interactions. These include digital twins and interactive gaming environments, thus providing a multifaceted and enriched experience.

Chronoshot Early Access Insights

Chronoshot’s early access phase is crucial for gathering user feedback. It allows players to familiarize themselves with the platform over the coming months. The necessity of a free RFLXT account for multiplayer participation highlights the game’s commitment to an inclusive player environment. Furthermore, the use of NFTs offers unique upgrades, thereby adding a layer of competitive benefit.


In conclusion, Cardano’s foray into the gaming industry with Chronoshot marks a pivotal moment, as exemplified by its addition to the Epic Games Store wishlist. This development not only underscores Cardano’s innovative use of Blockchain and AI technologies but also marks a promising stride towards greater visibility and engagement in the gaming sector. As Chronoshot progresses towards its full launch, the integration of player feedback ensures a refined and well-rounded gaming experience poised to captivate a broad audience.

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