Chainlink (LINK) Dominates as Top Developed Real-World Asset with Impressive Growth in May

  • Chainlink (LINK), the native token of the decentralized blockchain oracle network, has recently stood out as the real-world asset with the highest development activity for the past month.
  • This finding comes from Santiment’s dataset, which shows LINK leading followed by Synthetix (SNX), Centrifuge (CFG), and Oraichain (ORAI).
  • Santiment’s comprehensive methodology includes analyzing GitHub activity, ensuring only genuine developer contributions are considered.

Find out why Chainlink (LINK) leads in development activity and what this means for its future growth.

Top Development Activities Among Real-World Assets

In the cryptocurrency domain, real-world assets (RWAs) represent tangible items such as real estate and physical objects. These assets gain credibility through smart contracts on blockchains and have seen a remarkable increase in popularity, with an overall market capitalization in the billions.

Santiment’s process for identifying active development involves scrutinizing GitHub repositories to capture meaningful project innovation. By filtering out redundant activities, only the productive contributions of development teams are recorded. The data is averaged over a 30-day period to determine the top ten most actively developed projects.

From this analysis, LINK emerges as the leading RWA in terms of developer activity. With a significant improvement over previous months, Chainlink’s developer activity in May reached 428.83, an increase from April’s 383.03. This places it significantly ahead of its nearest competitor, Synthetix.

The Outlook for LINK’s Growth

Notably, Synthetix and Centrifuge have held their second and third places respectively, while Oraichain made significant advancements by surpassing Dusk Foundation. The latter now ranks fifth. Other projects like MakerDAO and Polymesh saw upward movements, whereas IX Swap experienced a decline. New entrants such as Defactor appeared in the rankings, replacing others like Creditcoin.

The consistent developer activity around Chainlink aligns with a substantial 25% increase in LINK’s value over the past month. This growth is attributed to heightened whale activity, increased transaction volumes, and strategic partnerships with prominent financial institutions.


Chainlink’s leadership in development activity underscores its robust infrastructure and the team’s dedication to continuous improvement. As LINK continues to collaborate with major financial players and sees rising levels of developer engagement, its future outlook appears promising. Investors and stakeholders should keep an eye on these developments as they suggest a positive trajectory for LINK in the coming months.

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