Paxos Launches High-Yielding Stablecoin Lift Dollar (USDL) on Ethereum

  • Paxos, a well-known name in the crypto space, has rolled out a new yield-generating stablecoin named Lift Dollar (USDL) via their UAE-based entity.
  • This move signifies a landmark step in the expansion and application of stablecoins, adhering to the current regulatory framework.
  • Quoting Paxos, “This initiative exemplifies our commitment to not only innovation but also to maintaining compliance with global financial standards.”

Discover how Paxos’ Lift Dollar (USDL) is revolutionizing stablecoins by offering daily yields, marking a significant achievement in compliant financial innovation.

Launch of USDL and Its Unique Proposition

Paxos International, under the regulation of the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), introduced Lift Dollar (USDL). This product distinguishes itself by generating overnight yields, drawing from high-quality U.S. government securities and cash-equivalent assets. The collaboration with exchanges and wallet providers aims to boost adoption, positioning USDL as a significant player in the stablecoin market.

Mechanism Behind USDL’s Yield Generation

The innovative element of USDL lies in its ability to pay daily yields from conventional financial assets like U.S. government securities. These assets are securely stored as per FSRA’s custodial requirements. Issued on Ethereum, USDL allows holders to earn yields based on the overall value of the circulating stablecoin, thus directly passing on the interest accrued from reserve assets to the users.

Key Points to Note

  • USDL allows users to receive overnight yields from secure U.S. government securities.
  • The stablecoin is built on Ethereum, facilitating daily yield payments to holders.
  • This approach democratizes yield returns by disseminating earnings from reserve assets directly to end-holders.
  • Paxos International is set to partner with exchanges and wallet providers to extend USDL’s reach.


Paxos’ launch of Lift Dollar (USDL) represents a pioneering advancement in the world of stablecoins by enabling daily yield generation for its holders. This move not only highlights significant innovation but also aligns with stringent regulatory compliance, promising a wider adoption and usage in the digital finance ecosystem in the near future.

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