Coinbase Adds Stader (SD) to Roadmap, CORE Price Surges with Announcement

  • The U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has announced the addition of a new altcoin to its roadmap.
  • In a Twitter post dated July 10, Coinbase revealed that it has added Stader (SD) to the list of cryptocurrencies under review before potential listing.
  • Coinbase has previously indicated plans to integrate more cryptocurrencies into its ecosystem, expanding offerings for its user base.

Coinbase includes Stader (SD) in its roadmap, showcasing its commitment to offering a diverse range of assets compliant with regulatory and security standards.

Coinbase Adds Stader (SD) to Its Evaluation List

Coinbase, the leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, has made headlines with its latest announcement. On July 10, via a Twitter post, the platform informed its followers about the addition of Stader (SD) to its cryptocurrency evaluation list. This development is part of Coinbase’s broader strategy to incorporate a more diverse array of digital assets into its trading platform.

Objective Behind the Addition

The inclusion of SD aligns with Coinbase’s goal to list assets that meet stringent regulatory and technical security standards, as emphasized in their blog post. Despite market demand and popularity, the primary focus remains on compliance and safety. Coinbase’s Asset Hub framework ensures that any cryptocurrency listed adheres to these high standards, providing users with a secure trading environment.

Market Reaction to Coinbase’s Announcement

Following Coinbase’s announcement, CoinGecko data showed a significant price reaction for the newly added Stader (SD). Initially trading at $0.397, the price of SD surged by 114% to reach $0.8507. Although it later consolidated to $0.723, this price movement underscores the market’s responsiveness to Coinbase’s roadmap updates.

Broader Implications for Altcoin Market

The decision to potentially list more altcoins is likely to influence broader market dynamics. By offering a wide array of digital assets, Coinbase not only diversifies its offerings but also bolsters the liquidity and visibility of these altcoins. It sets a strong precedent for other exchanges, emphasizing the need for regulatory compliance and technical robustness in the ever-evolving crypto space.


Coinbase’s addition of Stader (SD) to its evaluation list demonstrates its ongoing commitment to diversifying the digital assets available on its platform. By upholding rigorous compliance and security standards, Coinbase ensures a secure environment for its users, while also providing them with a wide range of investment options. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, such developments are crucial for maintaining the balance between innovation and regulatory adherence, ultimately benefiting the broader crypto ecosystem.

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