CoinStats Mitigates Recent Security Attack: No Impact on Externally Connected Wallets, 14.2ETH Scam Warning Issued

  • CoinStats, a leading crypto portfolio manager, recently communicated that it has successfully tackled a major security breach.
  • The company assured that connected external wallets and centralized exchanges (CEXs) weren’t affected by the incident.
  • A significant detail is that only a small fraction of the internally created wallets were compromised, and users are being advised to transfer their funds promptly.

CoinStats addresses a significant security incident, reaffirms user fund safety, and outlines future security measures to prevent recurrence.

CoinStats Mitigates Security Breach

CoinStats has confirmed that it has resolved a recent security incident that took place on their platform. The attack was confined to wallets created directly within CoinStats, leaving externally connected wallets and centralized exchanges (CEXs) untouched. Users were urged to relocate their funds to ensure safety.

Community Response to Security Notification

This morning, CoinStats alerted its user base regarding the breach, emphasizing that the externally linked wallets remained secure. This alert prompted users who have created wallets through CoinStats to act quickly by transferring their assets to safer locations. Community members have voiced concerns on platforms like Reddit, where reports of scam attempts involving fake ETH rewards have surfaced.

Temporary Application Shutdown for Security Isolation

To fully address the security breach, CoinStats has temporarily ceased application operations. This step was crucial to isolate the compromised segment of the system and prevent further exploits. According to CoinStats, only 1.3% of their wallets were affected by the breach. The platform provided a comprehensive list of compromised wallets, advising users to use exported private keys to secure their assets.

Ongoing Investigation and Future Security Measures

CoinStats has assured its users that their funds are secure and has pledged to keep the community informed about the investigation’s progress. The platform’s representatives have indicated that updates will be provided as more information becomes available. CoinStats reiterated its commitment to improving security measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Parallel Incident at Turkish Crypto Exchange BtcTurk

In other news, BtcTurk, Turkey’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, reported a hacking incident affecting assets in its hot wallets. In collaboration with Binance, BtcTurk managed to freeze approximately $5.3 million in stolen funds. This incident highlights the broader vulnerability issues within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


The recent incidents involving CoinStats and BtcTurk serve as a stark reminder of the importance of robust security measures in the cryptocurrency domain. While CoinStats has successfully mitigated the breach and ensured user fund safety, the platform’s proactive steps, along with lessons learned from BtcTurk’s experience, underscore the need for continuous vigilance and advanced protective strategies to safeguard against future threats.

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