Critical Day for Bitcoin and These 18 Altcoins: Key Events to Watch!

  • Today has been a dynamic day for the Bitcoin and altcoin market, with several significant developments taking center stage.
  • One notable topic is various altcoin projects that could see substantial impacts from new updates and listings.
  • “Mina Protocol’s (MINA) Berkeley Upgrade is a pivotal moment for the project, potentially driving up the coin’s value,” remarked a leading analyst.

Stay updated with the latest in the cryptocurrency market. Today’s highlights include significant altcoin updates and market movements.

MINA Protocol Prepares for Major Berkeley Upgrade

Mina Protocol is gearing up for its much-anticipated Berkeley Upgrade. Known for its minimalist blockchain design, this upgrade incorporates three key community-driven improvements aimed at increasing user adoption. Following a successful update on the Devnet (Developer Network), developers are now transitioning towards the mainnet upgrade. Investors are closely watching for a potential price surge in MINA Coin should the Berkeley Upgrade be executed without a hitch.

New Listings on Prominent Crypto Exchanges

Several altcoins are being listed on various exchanges today. CoinW has added Bad Idea AI (BAD/USDT) to its roster, while BitMart has started trading Ledgity Token (LDY/USDT). Additionally, MEXC Global has listed both Ledgity Token (LDY/USDT) and Hava Coin (HAVA/USDT), and CoinEx has introduced Gram (GRAM/USDT) and TON FISH MEMECOIN (FISH/USDT). Not to be left out, Bitget has announced the listing of DeMR (DMR/USDT) along with several other coins.

Upcoming Events and Community Engagements

The crypto community is buzzing with events today. Tezos (XTZ) is hosting its first city square meeting, reflecting its commitment to fostering a stronger community. StaFi is organizing a call about the launch of rSEI, while Ontology (ONT) is engaging its users in a Telegram discussion. In addition, Swell Network (SWELL) is conducting a discussion on new collaborations, and Maple (MPL) is hosting a webinar about the SyrupFi launch.

Current Market Overview

Bitcoin has experienced notable volatility in the past 24 hours, ascending to $70,200 before being pushed back down to $69,000. While most altcoins are in the red, KAS has bucked the trend, soaring by 19% to trade around $0.18. Bitcoin had a turbulent last week, making several attempts to break past $69,000 only to be thwarted by bearish pressures, causing it to dip to a low of $66,600. Nonetheless, bulls prevented further declines, and Bitcoin recovered, spending much of the weekend trading sideways at approximately $67,500. Early Monday saw a brief rise past $70,200, followed by another quick pull-back. Currently, Bitcoin hovers around $69,000 with a market cap of approximately $1.360 trillion and a dominance over altcoins at 50.4%.


Today’s cryptocurrency market has been marked by significant movements and critical updates. From the anticipated Mina Protocol upgrade to various new coin listings, these events could have long-lasting impacts on market dynamics. As always, traders and investors should stay informed and watch for future developments that could influence the market trajectory.

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