CVX Coin Surges 25% on Binance During Eid al-Adha: Potential Bullish Reversal Ahead

  • As the world marks Eid al-Adha, certain cryptocurrencies are showing noteworthy resilience.
  • On Binance, digital currencies like CVX, FTT, and REI Coin have outpaced the broader market trend.
  • These tokens have displayed impressive gains compared to other digital assets.

As Eid al-Adha celebrations commence, CVX, FTT, and REI Coin emerge as market leaders on Binance, showcasing solid gains and potential bullish trends.

CVX Coin’s Accelerated Growth

CVX Coin has experienced a significant surge, currently trading at $2.558, which represents an approximate 25% increase. This remarkable performance has positioned CVX as a top gainer on Binance, despite the ongoing recovery phases of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Should CVX manage to close above $2.92, it could potentially rally further to $3.64, indicating a reversal of its bearish trend that began in early March. There is even speculation that it might reach a target of $5.5.

FTT Coin’s Continual Relevance

FTT Coin remains in the spotlight even after legal challenges involving SBF and associates. Some speculative traders believe that the exchange could potentially resume operations, which might boost the value of FTT Coin. If the coin maintains a level above $1.6, it may ascend to $2.16. Despite these prospects, the long-term outlook for FTT remains fraught with risk.

Tracking REI Coin’s Volatile Movements

REI Coin is a highly speculative asset, with recent price fluctuations suggesting possible significant gains. From a low of $0.0563, it has shown potential to reach $0.079, $0.095, and $0.138. If REI Coin surpasses its previous peaks, a much larger rally could be in the cards.

Investor Insights

Investors can take note of the following key points:

  • The bullish potential for CVX Coin hinges on maintaining gains above $2.92, which could indicate a trend reversal.
  • FTT Coin remains a speculative and risky investment, though it may see short-term gains if it holds above $1.6.
  • REI Coin offers the potential for substantial gains but is characterized by high volatility.


This Eid al-Adha, CVX, FTT, and REI Coin have shown remarkable performances in the cryptocurrency landscape. While these assets present promising opportunities, they also carry significant risks, urging investors to conduct thorough research before making any decisions.

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Gideon Wolf
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