Solana Price Hits Major Support Level at $141: Potential Rebound Ahead

  • Solana has been on a downward trajectory for the last month, with its price recently hitting $141.3, a low for this period.
  • This drop represents a critical support level that could influence Solana’s price action moving forward, according to crypto analyst Ali Martinez.
  • Martinez suggests that if Solana maintains this support level, the altcoin could see a bullish turnaround.

Solana’s price has hit a crucial support level, presenting potential bullish opportunities in the coming days.

Solana Faces Crucial Support Level

Solana, much like other altcoins, has struggled to garner trader attention recently, with many shifting their focus to Ethereum following the SEC’s approval of Spot Ethereum ETFs. As a result, SOL has seen its price decline sharply from $187 to $141, losing approximately 24% in value over three weeks.

This decline has been exacerbated by Bitcoin’s own drop in recent days. As Bitcoin fell below $65,000, Solana followed suit, hitting $141 and testing its 200-day moving average support. According to Martinez, this critical support level could signal a short-term reversal for Solana.

The TD Sequential indicator, a popular technical analysis tool, has flashed a buy signal for SOL on the daily chart, indicating that now might be a strategic entry point for investors. The TD Sequential counts up to 9 consecutive periods of decreasing or increasing prices, with a count of 9 indicating a potential trend reversal. Currently, Solana is in the position to form a green candle, which suggests a rebound could be imminent.

Predicted Trends for SOL

Presently, Solana is trading at $145.10 and seems to be on a recovery path. Looking at historical data, the last time Solana steadied at $141, the cryptocurrency saw a significant rally of 32% up to $186. If Solana replicates this trend, it could reach $186 again in the new week. This outcome is also contingent on Bitcoin maintaining its critical support levels at $66,300, which could positively impact Solana and other altcoins.

However, it is essential to note that not all signals from the TD Sequential lead to prolonged uptrends. Should Solana fail to hold the $140 support level, the price could fall further, with the next support line at $130. The Longs vs. Shorts data from Coinglass indicates that traders are currently undecided on Solana’s future direction, with 49.05% of recent Solana futures positions being long, compared to 50.95% short positions.


In summary, Solana is at a pivotal juncture, with its current support level at $141 holding significant influence over its short-term price action. Should this support hold, investors might see a bullish reversal. Nonetheless, caution is advised as failure to sustain this level could lead to further declines. The broader market trends, particularly Bitcoin’s stability, will play a crucial role in Solana’s performance in the coming days.

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