Despite Market Dip, Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses Surge to Two-Month High

  • Despite the market downturn, the number of new addresses on the Bitcoin (BTC) network has surged to a two-month high.
  • On Friday, July 5th, Bitcoin recorded over 317,000 new addresses. This increase is notable as BTC dropped by over 10% during the same period.
  • The average transaction fee for Bitcoin’s seven-day moving average has fallen to $1.75, while Ethereum’s stands at $2.50.

As Bitcoin faces market challenges, its network growth and transaction activity present contrasting insights for investors.

Bitcoin’s Network Growth Despite Price Decline

The fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market has not deterred new participants from joining the Bitcoin network. Recent data indicates a significant rise in new Bitcoin addresses, reaching over 317,000 on July 5th. This surge occurs in a context where BTC’s value dropped by more than 10%, raising questions about the underlying factors driving new users to the platform.

Transaction Fees: A Tale of Two Cryptos

While the number of new Bitcoin addresses sees an upswing, the average transaction fee has concurrently shown a decline to $1.75 over a seven-day moving average. In contrast, Ethereum’s transaction fee remains higher at $2.50. This disparity highlights the ongoing competition and varying user experiences between the two leading cryptocurrencies. Total fees paid on the Bitcoin network lag significantly behind Ethereum, indicating a nuanced dynamic within the blockchain ecosystem.

Comparative Performance: BTC vs. ETH

Evaluating the performance from a fee perspective, Bitcoin has fallen behind Ethereum considerably. The seven-day moving average of total fees paid on the Bitcoin network is around $1 million, merely one-third of Ethereum’s total. This significant gap points to Bitcoin’s reduced on-chain activity despite the influx of new addresses. Interestingly, though Ethereum dominates in network activity, Bitcoin has maintained a stronger price trajectory. However, market dynamics could see a reversal with the potential introduction of Ethereum spot ETFs, paving the way for a new bullish phase for ETH.


In summary, the Bitcoin network is witnessing an influx of new addresses despite a downturn in its price and relatively low transaction fees. This phenomenon underscores the complex dynamics at play within the cryptocurrency markets, where network growth does not necessarily align with price performance or transaction activity. Investors should remain vigilant and conduct thorough research, as the landscape continues to evolve with potential game-changing developments, such as Ethereum spot ETFs. The intricate balance between Bitcoin and Ethereum highlights the varying factors that can influence the market, offering diverse opportunities and risks.

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