EigenDA Offers Free Rollup Services on Ethereum, Outperforming Base and Scaling Up to 10 MB/sec

  • EigenDA, a revolutionary data availability solution running on Eigen Layer, has declared that its services are currently complimentary for rollups on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Through a recent tweet, the platform invited all rollups to leverage their service, highlighting their dedication to cost-effective data availability solutions.
  • “We are committed to providing efficient and scalable data availability for rollups,” EigenDA emphasized in their announcement.

Discover how EigenDA’s free tier for rollups on the Ethereum mainnet is setting new benchmarks in data availability and scalability, safeguarding against cyber threats with innovative whitelisting mechanisms.

EigenDA’s Free Tier Offer for Ethereum Rollups

EigenDA’s free tier permits up to 768 KB every 10 minutes, accommodating 6 blobs of 128 KB each per batch. This capacity surpasses the current needs of even the most active rollups on Ethereum, like Base, which posts less than 2 blobs every 10 minutes. To utilize this feature, rollups are required to register through a dedicated link to be included in the whitelist.

Security Measures in Free Tier

To prevent Sybil and DDoS attacks, EigenDA has implemented a sophisticated whitelist mechanism that uses IP or ETH address ECDSA authentication. This ensures that only authorized users can access the free tier, enhancing the platform’s security and reliability.

Future Developments: Permissionless Payments

EigenDA is in the process of developing permissionless payments for blob throughput, which is expected to launch later this year. This new feature will offer an option for reserved bandwidth at a fixed rate, catering to rollups with high throughput needs. This initiative aims to make Ethereum’s ecosystem more accessible and cost-effective, driving broader adoption and innovation.

Performance Benchmarks of EigenDA

EigenDA has consistently demonstrated impressive performance metrics. The platform generates a synthetic load of 0.6 MB/sec and has achieved load test peaks of up to 10 MB/sec on the mainnet. For context, Ethereum’s 4844 blob throughput is significantly lower at 0.032 MB/sec, while Celestia’s mainnet offers only 1/6 MB/sec. These figures showcase EigenDA’s remarkable scalability and its ability to dramatically enhance Ethereum’s data availability infrastructure.

Future Vision and Industry Impact

EigenDA aims to elevate Ethereum to unprecedented levels of scalability and efficiency. With ongoing partnerships and collaboration within the Ethereum community, EigenDA is poised to play a critical role in enabling greater innovations across the ecosystem. The platform’s long-term vision includes continued development and introduction of features that will further optimize data availability and scalability, fostering a vibrant and dynamic Ethereum ecosystem.


EigenDA’s free tier offering for rollups, combined with robust security measures and future plans for permissionless payments, positions it as a leader in scalable data availability solutions. Its performance benchmarks far exceed current industry standards, offering the Ethereum community a powerful tool for innovation. As Ethereum continues to grow, EigenDA’s contributions will be pivotal in shaping a more efficient and scalable blockchain ecosystem.

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