Ethereum Poised for Major Rally Above $4,000 According to Top Crypto Strategist

  • Cryptocurrency markets seem poised for another significant upswing.
  • Insights from financial analysts suggest the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies may spark the next rally.
  • According to an influential crypto analyst, the upcoming rate cut could initiate the second phase of the bull market.

Discover the latest developments in the crypto world and what could lie ahead for digital assets.

Federal Reserve’s Impact on Crypto Market Rally

A widely-followed crypto strategist and trader, operating under the pseudonym Inmortal, indicates that the Federal Reserve’s actions might be pivotal in ushering the next major crypto market upswing. The analyst’s commentary suggests that the anticipated rate cut could serve as a catalyst for significant market movements.

Analyst Expects a Bull Market Revitalization

Inmortal predicts that the first rate reduction by the Federal Reserve will trigger a renewed bull run, marking the second phase of the current market cycle. The strategist advises investors to stay prepared, hinting at substantial potential gains in the coming months. In his words, “Generational wealth will be made in the coming months,” emphasizing the importance of readiness for the forthcoming opportunities.

Ethereum’s Prospects Amid Market Fluctuations

Delving into specific assets, Inmortal highlights Ethereum (ETH) as a key altcoin to watch. Despite a possible short-term dip, he foresees ETH rallying above $4,000. The analyst labels the current market behavior as unpredictable, stating, “The market is in ‘don’t let them know your next move’ mode,” reflecting the complex dynamics influencing price movements.

TokenFi (TOKEN) and Real-World Asset (RWA) Tokenization

Another asset drawing attention is TokenFi (TOKEN), a crypto project designed to streamline real-world asset tokenization. Inmortal suggests TOKEN could mirror the performance of Ondo Finance (ONDO), another player in the RWA sector. His charts indicate a potential breakout from $0.16 to $0.24, a significant move from its current value of $0.137.


As the cryptocurrency market navigates through periods of volatility, the potential impact of macroeconomic policies, such as the Federal Reserve’s rate cuts, becomes increasingly critical. Ethereum and TokenFi illustrate the varied opportunities within the space, underlining the importance of strategic foresight and timely action. Investors are encouraged to stay vigilant and informed, as the coming months may present unparalleled opportunities for wealth creation.

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