Ripple CEO Sparks Debate: XRP Set to Surpass Ethereum!

  • Ripple’s CEO recently reflected on the moment when XRP’s market capitalization surpassed Ethereum’s.
  • Brad Garlinghouse believes that XRP will eventually secure an ETF, referencing its past performance.
  • Zach Rector comments on Garlinghouse’s belief in XRP’s potential to overtake Ethereum once again.

Discover the unfolding dynamics between Ripple’s XRP, Ethereum, and the ongoing crypto market evolution

Ripple CEO Envisions XRP Surpassing Ethereum Again

In a recent interview, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed his optimism that XRP could once more surpass Ethereum’s market capitalization. Garlinghouse reminisced about a period when XRP occupied the second spot in market cap rankings, just behind Bitcoin. By recalling this historical moment, he highlighted the resilience and potential of XRP within the crypto market. Additionally, he hinted at the possibility of XRP securing an ETF listing akin to those of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Historical Context: XRP’s Market Cap Achievement

Data from CoinMarketCap supports this historical achievement. On January 7, 2018, XRP’s market capitalization reached $130 billion, overshadowing Ethereum’s $111 billion. At that time, XRP was trading at $3.30 per token. However, fortunes have changed since then, with XRP now priced at around $0.52 and positioned seventh in the crypto rankings.

Garlinghouse further implied that XRP’s pre-SEC review valuation was more substantial than Ethereum’s, suggesting that the SEC’s actions may have disproportionately disadvantaged XRP while benefiting Ethereum. Community commentator Zach Rector interpreted Garlinghouse’s remarks as a signal of the CEO’s belief in XRP’s capability to regain dominance over Ethereum, questioning whether such references would continue if he lacked confidence in XRP’s future prospects.

Legal Perspectives and Community Reactions

However, not everyone shares this optimism. Pro-XRP attorney Bill Morgan presented a divergent view. While acknowledging the contentious impact of the SEC’s regulatory actions on XRP, Morgan argued that XRP had secured a more significant legal victory. He pointed out a U.S. federal court ruling that classified XRP as not a security, emphasizing this as a notable achievement. Morgan also highlighted that, despite this legal triumph, XRP’s price remained relatively stagnant, even during a broader market bull run. He warned against attributing the disparity in price performance between XRP and Ethereum solely to SEC actions.

Predictions and Market Speculations

Robert Doyle, founder of Cryptonairz, forecasts a bright future for XRP, speculating a hypothetical price point of $10,000. Known in the crypto community as “Crypto Sensei,” Doyle cited a recent analysis exploring XRP’s utility in payment markets to support his claim. He based his $10,000 projection on the anticipation that BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—would adopt XRP as part of their financial systems.

Additionally, Doyle referenced Ripple’s increasing partnerships with leading global financial institutions as evidence of XRP’s growing traction in the settlement market. Highlighting the trillions of dollars at stake in the global settlement market, Doyle argued that this scenario could justify XRP reaching the $10,000 mark at some point in the future.

Is a $10,000 XRP Realistic?

Despite these bullish predictions, achieving a $10,000 price for XRP seems highly ambitious. To reach such a valuation, XRP would need to grow by an astronomical 1,899,235%. This meteoric rise would result in a market capitalization nearing $100 trillion. Critics argue that the sheer magnitude of this market cap renders the $10,000 prediction unrealistic. They caution that while optimistic projections are common, they often verge on wishful thinking.


In summary, Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse remains hopeful about XRP’s future, drawing on its past successes to argue for its potential resurgence and the possibility of an ETF listing. While some in the community, like Robert Doyle, foresee extraordinary growth for XRP, others, including attorney Bill Morgan, urge caution and a more measured perspective. As XRP navigates the complex landscape of the crypto market, only time will tell whether these ambitious predictions hold any merit.

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