Fidelity Partners with JPMorgan to Tokenize Money Market Fund on Ethereum Blockchain

  • Fidelity, managing $11.5 trillion in assets, has partnered with JPMorgan for tokenization.
  • The collaboration involves tokenizing a money market fund on JPMorgan’s Onyx Digital Assets blockchain.
  • According to Fidelity, this initiative aims to enhance efficiency in collateral management and reduce operational risks.

Discover how Fidelity is leveraging blockchain to redefine asset management and boost efficiency in financial systems.

Fidelity Collaborates with JPMorgan for Tokenization Initiative

Fidelity International has announced a groundbreaking partnership with JPMorgan to tokenize a money market fund utilizing the Onyx Digital Assets blockchain platform. This blockchain is based on a private, Ethereum-derived network, and marks a significant step towards integrating blockchain technology into traditional financial systems.

Strategic Move for Enhanced Financial Operations

This move by Fidelity to tokenize money market fund (MMF) shares using blockchain technology is a pivotal first step towards scaling their adoption of these innovations. Stephen Whyman, Fidelity International’s head of debt capital markets, emphasized the clear benefits of this technology, particularly in terms of efficiency in meeting collateral requirements and reducing both transaction costs and operational risks.

Current Market Implications and Future Prospects

Keerthi Moudgal, JPMorgan’s Product Manager for Onyx Digital Assets, highlighted the innovative nature of this approach. By introducing MMF units to the blockchain network, Fidelity is adding a new asset class to the current collateral landscape, which is often deemed overly complex. This collaboration underscores the potential of blockchain in simplifying and streamlining modern financial operations.


The partnership between Fidelity and JPMorgan sets a significant precedent in the financial world, showcasing the practical applications of blockchain technology in traditional asset management. As this technology continues to evolve, it promises to deliver substantial improvements in operational efficiency and cost reduction, offering a glimpse into the future of financial systems.

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