Foundry to Distribute “Epic Sat” Bitcoin Halving Profits – Is It Real?

  • Bitcoin mining pool Foundry USA plans to distribute profits if they mine the first post-halving satoshi.
  • The “epic sat” draws interest due to its connection to Ordinals and potential collectible value.
  • Controversy swirls around the legitimacy of the “epic sat” concept and Foundry’s plans.

Foundry’s promise to share potential profits from mining the first post-halving Bitcoin satoshi sparks debate. Can a single satoshi be unique, and what are the implications?

Foundry’s “Epic Sat” Plan: Profit-Sharing or Marketing Stunt?

An email attributed to Foundry Digital’s USA Pool Team outlines a plan to share proceeds from the “epic sat.” This is defined as the first satoshi (the smallest unit of Bitcoin) mined after the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. Some speculate that the first post-halving satoshi, especially in the era of Bitcoin Ordinals, could carry collector value.

Distribution Details

Foundry’s plan, if successful, would see profits from selling the “epic sat” distributed to pool members based on their hashrate contribution during the 24 hours of the halving. This news, however, has been met with skepticism.

Is the “Epic Sat” a Legitimate Concept?

Critics question the very idea of an “epic sat,” arguing that satoshis are fungible and indistinguishable. Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr labels it a scam, pointing out the inherent interchangeability of units within the Bitcoin network. This debate highlights the complexities where Bitcoin’s technical nature collides with the emerging NFT-driven collectibles market.

The Looming Bitcoin Halving

Adding to the intrigue is the impending Bitcoin halving, scheduled for Friday. This event will reduce block rewards for miners from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, impacting the network’s economics.


Foundry’s “epic sat” initiative raises questions about the intersection of Bitcoin fundamentals with the hype surrounding NFTs and collectibles. Whether this is a clever marketing strategy or a sign of evolving value concepts within the Bitcoin ecosystem remains to be seen. The upcoming halving adds a sense of urgency and will undoubtedly keep the crypto community watching closely.

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