FRIEND Token Surges 15% Following Major Partnership Announcement by

  •, a leading player in the Web3 social networking space, has announced a collaboration with Conduit, a prominent crypto infrastructure service provider, to develop their native blockchain.
  • This collaboration comes after significant conversations within the community concerning the project’s future direction.
  • The partnership announcement led to a 15% surge in the altcoin’s price, defying the broader market downtrend. partners with Conduit, pushing altcoin prices higher in a declining market.

Major Partnership Announcement Boosts Altcoin Prices

In a recent announcement, revealed plans to collaborate with Conduit for the development of Friendchain, their proprietary blockchain that will utilize the FRIEND token as a fully transferrable gas token. Although the platform has not provided a specific launch timeline for this project, the news has already had a significant impact on the price of FRIEND.

Community Reactions to the Announcement

The announcement has received mixed reactions from the community. While some see it as a natural progression towards a more independent and decentralized ecosystem, others are concerned that it may hamper further growth. This announcement follows statements made by’s co-founder Racer in May, where discussions were held about potentially moving away from the Coinbase-backed Ethereum layer-2 network due to feelings of alienation from the ecosystem.

Racer had even offered $200,000 to any developer who could smoothly transition the platform from Base without major disruptions.

Short and Mid-Term Impacts on the Altcoin

The recent partnership and Friendchain announcement have led to substantial interest in the altcoin market. According to The Giver, a well-known advocate, while the announcement is bullish in the short term, it might pose medium-term challenges. He suggests that should focus on maximizing user acquisition through existing connections with Base and Solana blockchains to build a robust user base.

Analyst Insights and Future Outlook

Analysts have weighed in on the potential impacts of this new development. Some argue that the move towards a proprietary blockchain is a strategic decision that aligns with the broader trend of successful decentralized applications transitioning to independent blockchains. However, others warn that this shift may introduce challenges that could slow down growth. The long-term vision remains clear: leveraging the protocol’s value to maintain investor interest while evolving into a Web3 social media portal.

Conclusion’s partnership with Conduit marks a significant step in its roadmap towards decentralization and independence. While the announcement has sparked varied reactions, it underscores the platform’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the dynamic crypto landscape. Investors and users will be keenly watching for further developments and updates as continues to build out its ambitious project.

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