Gemini Faces $50 Million Settlement Over Misleading Crypto Earn Program as NY Cracks Down

  • Gemini has agreed to a $50 million settlement following allegations of investor deception through their Earn program.
  • The settlement addresses claims that Gemini had misled over 230,000 investors, including 29,000 from New York, by not fully disclosing the risks involved.
  • New York Attorney General Letitia James played a crucial role in bringing these allegations to light and securing the settlement for affected investors.

Gemini to Settle $50 Million for Misleading Investors in Earn Program

New York Attorney General Secures Major Settlement Over Crypto Fraud

New York Attorney General Letitia James has successfully negotiated a $50 million settlement with Gemini Trust Company, LLC. This settlement is intended to compensate more than 230,000 investors who were allegedly misled by Gemini’s Earn program. Among these investors were approximately 29,000 New Yorkers who fell prey to the deceptive practices of the program, which promised secure returns without adequately disclosing the associated financial risks.

The Risks Hidden Behind Gemini’s Earn Program

Gemini’s Earn program was marketed as a lucrative opportunity for investors to grow their digital assets. However, internal reviews revealed that Genesis, Gemini’s partner in the program, faced significant financial instability. Particularly concerning were the loans provided to entities such as Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda, which lacked sufficient protection. Despite knowing these risks, Gemini chose not to inform their investors.

The Collapse of the Investment Scheme

When the investment scheme eventually crumbled, many investors found themselves unable to retrieve their funds. The Attorney General’s office, upon investigation, uncovered substantial evidence that Gemini had provided misleading information to its investors, leading to significant financial losses. Consequently, the settlement ensures that all affected investors will receive full reimbursement of their digital assets directly into their accounts automatically, with no action required from the investors themselves.

Legal and Operational Consequences for Gemini

As part of the settlement, Gemini is prohibited from operating any cryptocurrency lending programs in New York. Additionally, the company is required to collaborate with the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) ongoing litigation efforts against key figures and organizations connected to the case, including the Digital Currency Group (DCG), its CEO Barry Silbert, and Genesis’s former CEO Soichiro Moro.

Ensuring Accountability and Investor Protection

This settlement is part of Attorney General James’s broader initiative to ensure accountability within the cryptocurrency sector. In October 2023, she filed a lawsuit against Gemini for misleading investors by falsely promoting the Earn program as a safe investment without revealing Genesis’s financial vulnerabilities. Her rigorous efforts have previously resulted in significant settlements, including $2 billion from Genesis and other substantial recoveries from entities such as KuCoin and Coin Cafe. These actions underscore her commitment to protecting investors and enforcing regulations within the cryptocurrency industry.


The resolution against Gemini demonstrates a significant step towards regulating deceptive practices in the cryptocurrency market and protecting investor interests. As the scrutiny on cryptocurrency firms intensifies, this settlement highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in financial operations. Investors affected by Gemini’s misleading claims can now reclaim their assets, marking a crucial victory for those advocating for fair financial practices. Moving forward, stringent enforcement and vigilant oversight will be essential in fostering a secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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