Gemini’s Billion-Dollar Battle with Genesis Over GBTC Shares!

  • Gemini files a complaint against Genesis regarding nearly $1.6 billion in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares.
  • The conflict traces back to an agreement within the Gemini Earn Program.
  • Both parties face legal scrutiny amid allegations and accusations.

Gemini takes legal action against Genesis over a disagreement surrounding a massive $1.6 billion in GBTC shares. Dive into the escalating battle between the crypto giants.

The Battle for Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Shares

Crypto exchange Gemini Trust Co. has launched a legal offensive against the now-bankrupt crypto lender, Genesis Global Holdco LLC. At the heart of the dispute is the rightful ownership of nearly $1.6 billion worth of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares. In a recent move, Gemini’s legal representatives approached a New York bankruptcy court, asserting their right over the contested 62 million GBTC shares. According to Gemini, Genesis had committed to providing these shares as collateral for loans made via the Gemini Earn Program.

Roots of the Disagreement

The disagreement is not a recent development. For months, Gemini has been at odds with Genesis and its parent entity, Digital Currency Group (DCG), over a mutual agreement stemming from the Gemini Earn Program. This initiative permitted users to extend digital assets to Genesis Global under a tri-party contract, a scheme that saw its untimely end earlier this year. Amidst significant market turbulence in 2022, Gemini endeavored to assess Genesis’s financial health, particularly concerning risk management linked to the Earn Program.

Genesis Accusations: Actions Against Earn Users

Beyond the primary disagreement, Gemini’s complaint highlights a series of alleged misconducts by Genesis. According to the document, Genesis undertook multiple actions detrimental to the interests of the Earn Users. Furthermore, it suggests that Genesis actively sought to impede the recovery of users’ digital assets.

Genesis and DCG Under Scrutiny

Genesis’s challenges are far from over. The lending division of the company filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, a move that sparked a wave of accusations from Gemini’s co-founders, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The duo levied allegations against both Genesis and DCG’s CEO, Barry Silbert, accusing them of deceiving investors.

Regulatory Complications for Both Parties

The legal tussle hasn’t escaped the gaze of regulatory bodies. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken both Gemini and Genesis to task with lawsuits over unregistered securities offerings connected to the Gemini Earn program. Further intensifying matters, New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James, recently filed complaints against Genesis, Gemini, and DCG, making the legal landscape even murkier for all involved parties.


The ongoing legal battle between Gemini and Genesis over the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares underscores the complex and high-stakes nature of the crypto industry. With vast sums in contention and allegations flying between major industry players, the outcome will be closely watched, not just by the involved entities, but by the broader crypto community and regulatory bodies. As the story continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges and intricacies inherent in the rapidly evolving world of digital assets.

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