Genesis Smart Ring Leverages AI and Solana Blockchain to Rival Oura

  • The rise of wearable technology continues with Cudis’ new Genesis smart ring, which targets the fitness market with unique AI and crypto features.
  • This innovation seeks to challenge market leaders like Oura by incorporating a personalized AI-coach and a crypto rewards system.
  • “We believe that users should own and monetize their health data,” stated Cudis founder Edison Chen, emphasizing the new ring’s distinctive benefits.

Dive into the next generation of wearable tech with Cudis’ Genesis smart ring, featuring a groundbreaking AI coach and crypto earnings.

Genesis Smart Ring: Revolutionizing AI and Crypto Integration

Cudis’ Genesis smart ring is not just another wearable device; it represents a significant leap forward in integrating artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency earning potentials within the fitness industry. The smart ring, equipped with cutting-edge AI, offers personalized health advice and an innovative rewards program tied to the Solana blockchain.

Features and Functionalities of the Genesis Smart Ring

The Genesis smart ring boasts an extensive array of features, much like its competitors in the wearable tech market. It tracks critical health metrics such as heart rate, steps, sleep patterns, stress, and recovery. However, its AI-powered coach sets it apart by providing tailored fitness guidance based on user data. Unlike current market offerings, Genesis uses GPT-4o from OpenAI and other advanced AI models to deliver highly personalized and interactive coaching.

AI-Powered Coaching: A Game Changer

With Genesis, users can select from various AI coaches, each designed to cater to different personality types and fitness goals. This interaction in natural language offers a more engaging and supportive fitness journey, making the recommendations feel more like guidance from a personal trainer than generic advice. The AI coach’s ability to interpret and respond to real-time health data offers users actionable steps to improve their wellness daily.

Innovative Rewards System Leveraging Cryptocurrency

One of the standout features of the Genesis smart ring is its use-to-earn rewards program. This system incentivizes users to engage more with their health metrics by earning points through activities like wearing the ring and using the associated app. Points accumulated can be converted into cryptocurrency, with plans to launch a Solana token by year’s end. This approach not only motivates users to stay consistent with their health tracking but also allows them to benefit financially from their data.


As the second batch of pre-orders opens, with 8,500 Genesis rings available for 1.5 Solana each, Cudis is set to offer a revolutionary product in health tech. The Genesis smart ring promises not only to enhance users’ health through personalized AI coaching but also to reward them through a unique cryptocurrency system, embodying the future of wearables with a sophisticated mix of AI and blockchain technology. With its potential to disrupt the market, Cudis’ innovative approach ensures that users benefit directly from their health data, making it a compelling option for technology enthusiasts and fitness aficionados alike.

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