Germany’s Saxony State Exerts Market Pressure with Seized Bitcoin [BTC] Selloff

  • Saxony’s recent actions have put a considerable amount of Bitcoin into the market.
  • Institutional investors are actively seeking to invest in Bitcoin despite current market sentiments.
  • The crypto Fear & Greed Index remains in the ‘Fear’ zone, reflecting prevailing investor uncertainties.

Discover how Germany’s Bitcoin sell-off influenced the market, the continued interest from institutional investors, and the fluctuating sentiments in the crypto space.

The Impact of Saxony’s Bitcoin Sell-Off

The state of Saxony in Germany has been actively selling off a significant amount of Bitcoin that was seized in criminal investigations. On the 9th of July, they conducted several transactions, parting with a substantial portion of the 49,857 BTC that had been confiscated. To date, more than half of the initial holdings have been offloaded. According to data from Arkham Intelligence, the wallet associated with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) now holds approximately 22,847 BTC.

Institutional Investors Remain Unfazed

The bearish sentiments surrounding Bitcoin’s spot prices have not deterred institutional investors. On the 8th of July, US-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs saw an impressive inflow of $295 million, marking the highest single-day net flow since the price of Bitcoin surpassed $70,000 back in early June. Notably, none of the ETFs recorded outflows on that day, although Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Bitwise Bitcoin ETF experienced some withdrawals on the 9th of July. This growing trend indicates that institutional investors are taking advantage of current market conditions to fortify their positions in Bitcoin funds.

Rising Popularity of Bitcoin ETFs in Australia

While Bitcoin ETFs in the US have been performing strongly, similar institutional investment products are gaining traction elsewhere. In Australia, DigitalX announced that its spot Bitcoin ETF product has been approved for listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker BTXX, with trading set to commence on the 12th of July. VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF also received regulatory approval and began trading in late June of this year. Numerous other companies, including BetaShares, are anticipated to introduce their Bitcoin ETF products to the ASX by the end of this year.

Technical Analysis: Bitcoin’s Market Movements

Bitcoin spearheaded a modest recovery on the 9th of July, peaking at an intraday high of $58,239 according to CoinMarketCap data. Analysts are monitoring the resistance levels around $60,000 closely. On the daily chart, Bitcoin has established a base in the $55,000 to $57,500 range, with significant support at approximately $56,600 – a level that has historical importance dating back to early May. Breaking through this range could position Bitcoin to reclaim key trendlines, including the crucial 200-day simple moving average, which currently stands at $58,240. However, any potential gains could be short-lived.


In conclusion, the recent sell-off by Saxony has certainly impacted Bitcoin’s market dynamics, yet institutional investors continue to demonstrate unwavering confidence. The growing popularity of Bitcoin ETFs both in the US and internationally underscores the increasing institutional interest in crypto assets. While short-term market sentiments oscillate, the ongoing evolution in investor behavior and product offerings promises a complex but fascinating future for Bitcoin.

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