Gorilla Coin Leads Market Surge with 28% Gain Amidst Meme Coin Rally

  • The meme coin sector is generating buzz as coins like Gorilla, Catwifhat, and Super Trump show significant upsurges.
  • Additionally, Sealana is making headlines with its presale, having amassed $4 million ahead of its exchange debut.
  • Noteworthy gains coincide with the overall crypto market’s sluggish movement, bringing increased attention to meme coins.

Explore the resurgence of meme coins as Gorilla, Catwifhat, and Super Trump lead the charge, with Sealana making waves in its presale phase.

Low Market Cap Meme Coins Showcase Impressive Gains

Meme coins are defying the broader market’s stagnant tendencies, with several tokens recording substantial gains despite general market indifference. These coins are making headlines and attracting significant trading volumes, revitalizing interest among investors.

Gorilla Coin’s Stunning Performance

Gorilla coin stands out by climbing 28% in a single day, reaching a price point of $0.004793. This jump offsets the negative impact of this week’s broader market selloff. With a market capitalization of $4 million and a 24-hour trading volume surging by 473% to $3.6 million, Gorilla coin appears to be reversing its recent downtrend. Community sentiments indicate optimism for sustained upward momentum.

Catwifhat’s Deflationary Appeal

Catwifhat has also seen a strong upward trend, rising 17% today and 45% over the past month. Its current price is $0.000001128, boasting a market capitalization of $39 million and daily trading volume up by 84% to $8.8 million. A notable feature is Catwifhat’s auto-burn mechanism, which has removed over 55% of its supply from circulation, further boosting investor confidence. Market observers note that Catwifhat’s 1.6 million holders exceed those of major tokens like $WIF and $SHIB.

Will, a prominent market commentator, remarked,

The future of finance on @HTX_Global is deflationary. $CWIF is the hottest auto-burn project on Solana with 1.6M holders. That’s more holders than $WIF & $SHIB combined. pic.twitter.com/vkeEB7WNYJ

— Will (Diamond Paws) (@I_Be_Wild_Will) June 15, 2024

Super Trump’s Meteoric Rise

Super Trump has experienced steady gains, with an increase of 14% today, 5% over the week, and an astounding 370% this month. Its market cap is now at $35 million, with a current price of $0.01959 and a daily trading volume of $4 million, despite a 45% drop in trading activity today. Market analysts, including Crypto Rover, believe Super Trump has the potential to multiply its value tenfold.

Sealana Presale Gathers Momentum

Sealana’s presale is generating substantial interest, with $4 million already raised. Expected to be the next big meme coin, industry analysts predict significant growth as it prepares for its exchange launch. Sealana, building on the Solana blockchain with additional availability on Ethereum, is attracting a broad investor base. The project’s quirky mascot and bold marketing strategy have helped it capture the imagination of the crypto community.

Expert Opinions on Sealana’s Future Prospects

Experts are bullish on Sealana. Some liken it to Slothana, which saw a 5x increase after its presale. Notably, CryptoBoy points to Sealana’s solid presale performance as an indicator of future success. Analysts from the Crypto News channel suggest potential gains of up to 100x, making it a highly anticipated investment opportunity. With the presale concluding in nine days, early investors seeking a discounted rate are urged to act fast.


As mainstream cryptocurrencies face stagnant periods, meme coins like Gorilla, Catwifhat, and Super Trump are displaying significant momentum. Their unique characteristics and market strategies are attracting investor interest and spotlighting the potential of niche cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Sealana’s successful presale underscores the enduring appeal and evolving nature of meme coins. Investors should watch how these developments unfold, potentially reshaping their investment strategies in the ever-dynamic crypto market.

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