Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Emerges as a Colossal BTC Entity, Arkham Reports

  • Arkham Intelligence reveals over 1,750 wallet addresses associated with Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, encompassing $16.1 billion in BTC assets.
  • Grayscale stands as the second-largest BTC and ETH entity globally, positioning itself as a formidable player in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The findings highlight the significant influence and potential market impact of Grayscale’s cryptocurrency trusts.

Arkham Intelligence unveils the vast extent of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s holdings, pinpointing it as a significant entity in the global cryptocurrency landscape, with massive holdings in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Arkham Delves into Grayscale’s Enormous Bitcoin Holdings

Arkham Intelligence has recently spotlighted the substantial holdings of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, identifying over 1,750 wallet addresses that cumulatively hold around $16.1 billion worth of BTC. Each wallet maintains less than 1,000 BTC, adding up to a remarkable total that secures Grayscale’s position as the second-largest BTC entity worldwide, a status echoed by Arkham’s reports.

Grayscale’s Dual Dominance in Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets

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Not confined to its vast Bitcoin holdings, Grayscale demonstrates a remarkable presence in the Ethereum market as well. According to Arkham, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust also holds a dominant position as the second-largest ETH entity globally. This was established after the identification of wallets containing nearly 3 billion ETH, further affirming Grayscale’s influential role in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector.

Speculation Surrounding Grayscale’s Future Moves

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust serves as an accessible route for investors looking to gain exposure to Bitcoin without the direct purchase or storage of the cryptocurrency. Currently trading at a discounted rate relative to the intrinsic value of the Bitcoin it oversees, Grayscale has sparked speculation regarding potential moves to convert the product into a spot ETF, which could have significant implications for the market dynamics and investor opportunities in the near future.


The recent revelations by Arkham Intelligence underscore the staggering extent of Grayscale’s involvement and influence in the global cryptocurrency market. Its dominant presence in both the Bitcoin and Ethereum sectors illustrates a potentially game-changing role in shaping the future trajectories of these cryptocurrencies. Investors and market analysts alike will be keeping a close watch on Grayscale’s strategies and developments, as they could herald significant shifts in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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