Major Bitcoin (BTC) Supporter Bank Revealed as Ethereum Whale: Discover Their Massive ETH Holdings!

  • DBS Bank, Singapore’s largest bank, has been identified as an Ethereum whale.
  • The bank holds approximately $650 million worth of Ethereum.
  • Nansen’s data reveals that DBS Bank’s address contains 173,753 ETH.

Discover how DBS Bank, Singapore’s largest financial institution, emerged as a significant player in the Ethereum market, holding $650 million worth of ETH.

DBS Bank Identified as Major Ethereum Whale

In a surprising revelation, DBS Bank, Singapore’s largest bank, has been identified as a major player in the Ethereum market. According to data from on-chain analytics firm Nansen, an address associated with DBS Bank holds approximately 173,753 ETH, valued at around $650 million. This discovery highlights the growing interest and investment in cryptocurrencies by traditional financial institutions.

Details of the Ethereum Holdings

Nansen’s analysis indicates that the address “0x9e927c02c9eadae63f5efb0dd818943c7262fb8e” is linked to DBS Bank. This address, holding 173,753 ETH, has seen significant gains, with over $200 million in profits from holding Ethereum. As of December 31, 2023, DBS Bank’s total assets amounted to S$739 billion, making it the largest bank in Singapore. The bank’s substantial Ethereum holdings underscore its strategic investment in the cryptocurrency market.

Implications for the Crypto Market

The identification of DBS Bank as an Ethereum whale has several implications for the broader cryptocurrency market. Firstly, it demonstrates the increasing acceptance and integration of digital assets by established financial institutions. This move could pave the way for other banks and financial entities to explore and invest in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, DBS Bank’s significant holdings may influence market dynamics, particularly in terms of liquidity and price stability for Ethereum.


The revelation of DBS Bank’s substantial Ethereum holdings marks a significant development in the cryptocurrency landscape. As traditional financial institutions continue to embrace digital assets, the market is likely to see increased stability and growth. For investors and stakeholders, this trend underscores the importance of staying informed about institutional movements in the crypto space. DBS Bank’s strategic investment in Ethereum not only highlights its forward-thinking approach but also sets a precedent for other financial entities to follow.

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