Massive Upgrade: Ethereum Game Pixels Chapter 2 Unveils New Features and Fixes

  • Pixels, an Ethereum-based farming game, has unveiled its substantial Chapter 2 upgrade.
  • This upgrade aims to address long-standing issues and introduce new gameplay elements.
  • Chapter 2 introduces economic scarcity and progression in tools and features.

Explore the profound changes in the highly popular Pixels game with its latest Chapter 2 upgrade, bringing depth and additional features to enhance the player experience.

Major Overhaul in Pixels Gameplay

The Ethereum-based game Pixels has introduced significant modifications with its Chapter 2 update, aiming to enrich the player’s experience by adding depth. Founder Luke Barwikowski shared insights before the launch, highlighting the game’s shift towards a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) feel, similar to Runescape or Ragnarok Online. The upgrade introduces economic scarcity and a tiered tool progression system, significantly altering day-to-day gameplay.

Boosted In-Game Economy and NFTs

In an ambitious move to inject more depth into its gameplay, Pixels is leveraging scarcity throughout its economic model while emphasizing progression across various levels of tools. This revamp caters to the distinctions between free-to-play users and NFT landowners, who now enjoy additional benefits such as resource generation on owned plots. This strategic differentiation is designed to balance the allure for new players and the advantages for seasoned users.

Addressing Ongoing Player Feedback

The Pixels team remains highly responsive to player feedback, issuing multiple patches since the Chapter 2 release to resolve emergent issues. Barwikowski emphasized the crucial need for agility in updates to maintain player trust and adapt the game’s evolving ecosystem promptly. Following the game’s migration to Ronin last Fall, the team faced challenges in addressing rapid growth and real-time adjustments, making the current agility and responsiveness critical for their success.

Maintaining the Innovative Spirit

Despite the pressures of maintaining a growing user base, Barwikowski insists on preserving the startup’s innovative spirit. Rather than slowing down to professionalize, the team remains committed to a ‘cowboy mindset,’ ensuring swift patches and updates to keep players engaged. This approach reflects their understanding that quick iterations and constant improvements are essential to sustaining enthusiasm and participation in the game.


Pixels’ Chapter 2 upgrade exemplifies the dynamic adaptation essential in blockchain-based gaming. By introducing deeper gameplay mechanics, addressing real-time player feedback, and committing to agile development strategies, Pixels continues to evolve and captivate its growing player base. Through these efforts, the game not only retains its current users but also attracts new ones, ensuring its place in the ever-expanding world of crypto gaming.

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