Michael Saylor Reconsiders Crypto Industry After Spot Ethereum ETF Approval

  • For years, MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor refrained from acknowledging the existence of the “crypto industry.”
  • Saylor has compared Bitcoin to gold, dismissing other cryptocurrencies as inferior.
  • His stance seems to be shifting in light of recent developments, particularly the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs.

Michael Saylor’s evolving perspective on the crypto industry, particularly amid the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs, marks a significant shift in his long-held views.

Historical Context: Bitcoin as the Gold Standard

Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, has long been a vocal proponent of Bitcoin, often referring to it as the “gold of our time.” He has steadfastly ignored other cryptocurrencies, viewing them as lesser, volatile assets. Saylor’s investment in Bitcoin is substantial, with his personal holdings rumored to exceed one billion dollars worth of BTC. This perspective was summed up in his oft-repeated phrase: “There is no second best.”

The Impact of Ethereum ETF Approvals

The recent and unexpected approval of spot Ethereum ETFs by regulatory authorities has prompted a significant shift in Saylor’s views. Previously, he predicted that Bitcoin would be the sole crypto asset to gain regulatory approval for spot ETFs. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval of Ethereum ETFs has forced him to rethink this stance. He now acknowledges that the crypto asset class, beyond just Bitcoin, may indeed achieve broader legitimacy.

Saylor’s Updated View on the Crypto Industry

With the spot Ethereum ETF approval, Saylor expressed his evolving viewpoint during a recent episode of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast. He indicated that the entire crypto asset class is now likely to be “legitimized” in the eyes of institutional investors and traditional finance. This acknowledgment marks a dramatic shift from his prior insistence on Bitcoin’s solitary superiority.

The Role of Political and Industry Support

Saylor highlighted the role of the collective crypto industry in gaining key political victories, including the recent Ethereum ETF approval. He emphasized that broader industry support has enhanced political influence, stating, “We are politically much more powerful when supported by the entire crypto industry.” Such acknowledgments indicate that Saylor recognizes the increasing relevance and influence of various crypto assets and their communities on the political stage.


In sum, Michael Saylor’s recent remarks signify an important evolution in his perception of the crypto industry. While he remains a staunch supporter of Bitcoin, the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs has prompted him to acknowledge the potential legitimacy of the broader crypto asset class. This shift could have significant implications for future investments and the ongoing development of the crypto industry as a whole.

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