MicroStrategy Boosts Bitcoin Accumulation Target to $700 Million amid Share Price Surge

  • MicroStrategy ramps up its Bitcoin buying strategy by increasing its convertible senior note offering to $700 million, signaling continued trust in cryptocurrency.
  • This ambitious move follows the company’s dramatic shares performance in 2024, driven by Bitcoin’s volatility.
  • CEO Michael Saylor remains bullish on Bitcoin despite market fluctuations, aiming to add to the company’s substantial holdings.

Explore MicroStrategy’s latest tactic to boost its Bitcoin reserves with a $700M note offering, amidst a year of market highs and volatility.

MicroStrategy’s $700M Note Offering Strategy

Since MicroStrategy’s inaugural Bitcoin purchase in August 2020, the NASDAQ-listed software firm has aggressively sought ways to increase its cryptocurrency holdings. One of their favored strategies involves issuing convertible senior notes. Recently, the company announced plans to raise $500 million via this method but swiftly increased this target to $700 million. The terms of the new notes remain consistent, featuring a 2.25% interest rate and a due date in 2032. These notes will be available in a private sale restricted to institutional investors who meet specific qualifications under Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Aggression

Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, has been a notable advocate of Bitcoin, often vocal about its potential as a premier store of value. The recent adjustment to a $700 million offering reflects the company’s aggressive stance on accumulating the cryptocurrency. According to SaylorTracker, MicroStrategy currently holds approximately 214,400 Bitcoin, which constitutes over 1% of the total Bitcoin supply. Despite Bitcoin’s price dipping from its all-time high earlier this year, MicroStrategy’s holdings contribute to a significant unrealized profit, standing at an impressive $6.6 billion.

Fluctuations in MicroStrategy’s Stock (MSTR)

MicroStrategy’s performance on the stock market often mirrors Bitcoin’s price movements due to the company’s substantial investment in the cryptocurrency. In 2024, MSTR’s stock has experienced significant volatility, briefly dropping below $500 before reaching an all-time high exceeding $1,900 in March. As Bitcoin continues to fluctuate, so does MSTR, which now holds a year-to-date gain of 120%, closing recently at $1,495. This volatile trajectory underscores the risks and rewards associated with the company’s Bitcoin-centric investment strategy.


MicroStrategy’s decision to raise an additional $200 million for Bitcoin investment signifies enduring confidence in the cryptocurrency despite market volatility. With significant profit margins and a strategic investment approach, MicroStrategy continues to be a bellwether for corporate Bitcoin investment. Future movements in Bitcoin prices will likely continue to heavily influence MSTR’s stock performance, making it a closely watched entity within both the tech and cryptocurrency sectors.

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