Mysterious Trader Breaks Three-Year Silence, Boosts Prices of Two Altcoins: Lucky Investor Sees 32X Profit with Coin Name (Symbol)

  • The Solana-based meme token, KITTY, has recorded an over 6000% increase following a post by Keith Gill, also known as “The Roaring Kitty”.
  • One investor managed to make a 32x profit from this surge.
  • Keith Gill, known for his role in the GameStop frenzy of late 2020, has hinted at his return to the markets after a three-year hiatus.

Keith Gill, known as “The Roaring Kitty”, triggers a 6000% surge in the Solana-based meme token, KITTY, leading to significant profits for investors.

Return of “The Roaring Kitty” Sparks Market Frenzy

Keith Gill, the stock trader and analyst largely credited for the GameStop frenzy of late 2020, has hinted at his return to the markets after a three-year hiatus. Known on social media as “The Roaring Kitty”, Gill’s recent activity has sparked speculation of his return and has led to a significant surge in the price of a Solana-based meme token, Roaring Kitty (KITTY), which recorded an increase of over 6000%.

Investor Makes 32x Profit from KITTY Surge

Following Gill’s post, one lucky investor managed to make a 32x profit from the surge in KITTY’s price. According to a post by Lookonchain, the investor spent 21.1 SOL (equivalent to $3,000) to purchase 17.4 million KITTY before Gill’s post. After the price surge, the investor sold KITTY worth $41,000, while still holding KITTY worth approximately $56,000.

Gill’s Post Boosts Other Cryptocurrencies

Not only did Gill’s post boost the price of KITTY, but it also increased the price of GME, an altcoin associated with the GameStop project that made Gill famous. GME recorded a 158% increase in the last 24 hours.


The return of “The Roaring Kitty” to the markets has led to a significant surge in the price of the Solana-based meme token, KITTY. This event highlights the influence of social media and high-profile individuals on the crypto market. Investors should, however, exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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