NOT Coin Leads the Day: Key Collaborations and Airdrop Updates in Crypto World

  • The cryptocurrency market experienced significant movements on Tuesday, June 25th, with developments including a shift towards a community-centric approach, renaming initiatives, and generous airdrops from various projects.
  • Among the notable updates were decisions by companies to adjust tokenomics and reward loyal community members, highlighting a trend towards increased decentralization and community involvement.
  • Key quotes and announcements from leading crypto projects such as Notcoin, Zeta Markets, and others captured the attention of the crypto community and analysts alike.

Explore the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, including strategic moves by major projects, significant tokenomics changes, and insights into ongoing airdrop distributions.

Notcoin Strengthens Community Engagement Through Tokenomics Update

Notcoin announced on June 25th that it is transitioning its tokenomics structure towards a community-focused model. The company revealed plans to burn $3 million worth of NOT tokens to reduce supply, alongside distributing $4.2 million worth of NOT tokens to Notcoin Explore Gold and Platinum users as rewards. This strategic move underscores Notcoin’s commitment to bolstering community involvement and participation within its ecosystem. Currently, 94.18% of tokens are in the hands of investors, miners, and stakeholders, amounting to 11.5 million people, with the remaining 5.82% allocated for future developments over the next few years.

Australian Crypto Firm NGS Crypto Rebrands to Hiddup Amid Controversies

In a surprise announcement on June 25th, Australian cryptocurrency firm NGS Crypto revealed it has rebranded to “Hiddup.” This renaming coincides with an ongoing investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) related to claims of investor receivables totaling approximately 61 million Australian dollars (41 million USD). Although the company cited trademark registration disagreements as the reason for the change, the timing has raised suspicions within the community. Earlier in April, ASIC had frozen the assets of company executives Mark Ten Caten, Brett Mendham, and Ryan Brown.

Ola Rewards Massive Token Holders

ZKVM project Ola updated the community on June 25th about the details of its Massive token distribution. Specifically, 1% of the token pool will be allocated to Massive S1 verification nodes, with eligibility limited to valid and active S1 nodes. Despite having 206,242 registered validators, only those nodes that are active and valid will receive a share of the token pool. Users will soon be able to view their S1 shares through a new query function in the upcoming interface.

Zeta Markets Introduces Decentralized Derivatives Platform on Solana

Solana-based derivatives protocol Zeta Markets released its white paper on June 25th, announcing the launch of its Zeta X decentralized derivatives trading Layer2 platform in the first quarter of 2025. Utilizing Solana’s Layer1 for data availability and settlement, Zeta X will execute trades via an off-chain zkVM-compatible matching engine. The newly introduced ZEX token will serve as Zeta X’s native token, facilitating transactions within the platform.

ZAP Completes Blast Token Airdrop Distribution

Token issuance protocol ZAP announced on June 25th that it had completed the first and second stages of its Blast Gold airdrop, distributing 35,000 tokens to Blast Gold Vault holders and ZAP platform users. Additionally, Blast Points are set to be distributed in the coming hours. Over 20 projects participating in the ZAP Blast Gigadrops airdrop event will independently distribute their rewards, allowing ZAP users to receive multiple airdrop rewards at different times.

CKB and Bool Network Announce Strategic Partnership

On June 25th, CKB and Bool Network disclosed a new strategic partnership aimed at launching bi-directional cross-chain functionality for BRC20 and Runes assets on CKB by July. Future plans also include expanding multi-chain ecosystems to incorporate ETH-CKB, SOL-CKB, and TON-CKB integrations, enhancing interoperability and utility across blockchain networks.

UXLINK Continues Support for Telegram and TON Ecosystems

UXLINK announced on June 25th via their official X platform that they will maintain active support for the development of Telegram and TON ecosystems. Highlighted projects include Catizen, a Telegram-based gaming bot; TonUP, a launch platform on TON Chain; and Bounty Bay, a WEB3 social shopping platform on TON.

Aevo Commences Second Airdrop Project

In a June 25th newsletter, Aevo revealed the initiation of its second Aevo airdrop project, distributing AZUR tokens to eligible users, specifically Aevo Stakers and pre-launch traders. Qualified wallets must hold ETH on the Ethereum mainnet to claim the airdrop.

Cosmos Launches Inter-Chain Aggregator IOBScan

On June 25th, Cosmos introduced IOBScan, an inter-chain aggregator supporting 60 IBC-enabled chains. This tool offers comprehensive tracking of IBC tokens, chains, channels, and relays. It simplifies multi-chain interactions by providing an account aggregation function that links all addresses associated with the same public key. Moreover, detailed blockchain data can be accessed via the IOBScan API.


The crypto landscape is swiftly evolving, with significant strides towards enhanced community engagement, regulatory responses, and technological innovations. As projects like Notcoin, Zeta Markets, and others make headlines with strategic updates, the trend towards increased decentralization and community involvement continues to gain momentum. Investors and enthusiasts are advised to stay informed about these developments to navigate the dynamic market effectively.

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