OKX Wallet Consolidation Causes Major Bitcoin Network Congestion, Spiking Fees to $52

  • The Bitcoin network is currently experiencing severe congestion, leading to significant increases in transaction fees.
  • The congestion problem has been exacerbated by multiple factors, including recent halving events and power outages in major mining areas.
  • One of the major contributors to the congestion and fee spike is the cryptocurrency exchange OKX, which has been consolidating user wallets.

Bitcoin network congestion driven by wallet consolidation transactions on OKX, leading to transaction fees spiking over $50.

Severe Network Congestion and Soaring Fees

Amid the current turmoil, the Bitcoin network is grappling with over 330,000 unconfirmed transactions, leading to a significant spike in transaction fees, which have reached $52 per transaction on average. This congestion has caused memory usage to surge to 1.35 GB, as reported by various network monitoring tools.

OKX’s Wallet Consolidation Impact

A major contributing factor to the congestion is the activity carried out by the cryptocurrency exchange OKX, which has been engaging in substantial wallet consolidation transactions. According to Mempool founder @mononautical, OKX has approximately 1,000 outstanding transactions, amassing over 42 million virtual bytes with fees totaling more than 57 BTC. This has resulted in a delay of approximately 70 blocks before normal processing speeds can be resumed, severely impacting the network’s functionality.

Fees Rise and Transaction Delays

The ripple effect of OKX’s activities is evident, as the Bitcoin network fees have surged to 520 sat/vbyte. This spike has led to average transaction costs shooting up to $52 per transaction. The network, burdened with over 330,000 pending transactions, is struggling to manage the heavy load while memory usage spikes.

Recent Halving and Its Impact

Further compounding the congestion, the recent Bitcoin halving event has reduced the block rewards from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. This event has notably decreased miner profitability, leading to a reduction in mining activity. Consequently, the network has seen its most significant daily hash rate drop since November 2017, contributing to the backlog and higher transaction fees.

Power Outages in Mining Hubs

Adding to the existing challenges, power outages in several major mining hubs have adversely impacted transaction times and network stability. These outages have been detrimental to the processing capacity of the network, increasing the wait times for transactions to be confirmed and processed.


The Bitcoin network is facing an intricate set of challenges, ranging from large-scale wallet consolidations by exchanges like OKX to broader network issues following the recent halving event. As transaction costs soar and delays persist, the network’s resilience and the community’s ability to adapt will be critical in addressing and mitigating these disruptions. Stakeholders must seek sustainable solutions to enhance the network’s scalability and efficiency, ensuring smoother and more reliable operations in the future.

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