PEPE Coin (PEPE) Sees 2x Growth This Week, Experts Warn of Potential Whale Dump

  • Pepe (PEPE) investment whale, who has already made millions of dollars, may dump.
  • According to the transfer by the blockchain analysis platform Spot On Chain, a whale has withdrawn over 1.3 trillion PEPE from the Binance exchange in the last five days.
  • The whale paid an average of 0.00001378 for each of them and spent a total of 18.2 million dollars.

A whale who has traded altcoins like ETH, CRV, COMP, YFI in the past has an unrealized profit of 4.44 million dollars.

PEPE Value Soars as Whale Holds Significant Amount

PEPE has seen a remarkable 90% increase in value over the past week. The blockchain records indicate that the value of the whale’s PEPE holdings has now reached 22.66 million dollars.

Impending Dump or Strategic Move?

As the whale continues to hold a substantial amount of PEPE tokens, traders are speculating whether a dump is on the horizon or if this is part of a larger strategy. With significant unrealized gains and a track record of lucrative trades, the whale’s next move will be closely watched.


This influx of activity surrounding PEPE highlights the volatility and opportunities present in the crypto market. Traders and investors are advised to stay vigilant and monitor market trends closely to make informed decisions.

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