Potential Security Breach on Near Protocol’s (NEAR) Official X Account Raises Alarm in Crypto Community

  • Near Protocol’s cryptic social media posts have sparked concerns of a possible account hack.
  • Recent staff reductions at Near Foundation suggest a shift in focus towards core activities.
  • Previous compromises of crypto-related accounts fuel heightened scrutiny amid Near Protocol’s unusual posts.

Near Protocol’s cryptic social media posts raise concerns of a possible hack, while recent staff reductions at Near Foundation suggest a restructuring. Amid heightened scrutiny, the crypto community awaits clarification.

Near Protocol’s Cryptic Social Media Posts Spark Concerns

Near Protocol’s recent cryptic posts from its official account have sparked speculation and concern within the crypto community. The posts, which include messages like “Darkness is coming” and “reclaim your sovereignty,” have raised suspicions of a possible hack or hijack of the account. Despite this, Near Protocol has yet to provide an official confirmation.

Previous Crypto-Related Account Compromises Fuel Scrutiny

This concern is not unfounded, as other crypto-related accounts, such as CoinGecko and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, have been compromised in the past. In January, CoinGecko’s account was used in a phishing scam before being reclaimed, while the SEC’s account was briefly compromised to post a false message about the approval of Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds. The timing of these incidents in relation to Near Protocol’s posts has led to heightened scrutiny and speculation within the crypto community.

Near Foundation’s Staff Reductions Suggest Restructuring

During the same period, Near Foundation decided to reduce its staff by 40%. The foundation, known for developing the Near Protocol layer-1 protocol, stated the need to “significantly consolidate” its team in order to focus on key activities. The decision resulted in the termination of 35 employees from the marketing, business development, and community teams.


As the crypto community awaits clarification on Near Protocol’s cryptic posts, the recent staff reductions at Near Foundation suggest a shift in focus towards core activities. Amid heightened scrutiny due to previous compromises of crypto-related accounts, the current situation underscores the importance of cybersecurity in the crypto sphere.

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