Pundi X Joins Polygon Ecosystem: A Milestone Step Towards Inclusive Blockchain Transactions

  • Pundi X integrates with the Polygon ecosystem, opening new avenues for seamless crypto transactions.
  • The Singapore-based company continues its journey to make the world more secure and inclusive through blockchain technology.
  • Pundi X’s acclaimed XPOS® system to potentially enhance Polygon’s ecosystem with its groundbreaking POS solution.

Discover how Pundi X’s recent integration with the Polygon ecosystem marks a significant step forward in fostering inclusive and secure blockchain-based transactions in physical stores worldwide.

Pundi X: A Trailblazer in Blockchain-Based Point-of-Sale Solutions

Established in 2017 in Singapore, Pundi X has swiftly risen to prominence in the blockchain sector, notably for its creation of the XPOS®, a revolutionary point-of-sale smart device. This device enables physical stores to conduct transactions on the blockchain, fostering a more secure and inclusive financial world. With accolades including being listed among the top 50 Innovative Fintech Startups by KPMG and H2 Ventures in 2018, and recognized as one of the top 10 fintech leaders by Singapore Fintech Association in 2019, Pundi X stands as a beacon of innovation in the crypto space. As they expand their operations with offices in Jakarta, Tokyo, and Taipei, their recent integration into the Polygon ecosystem indicates a forward momentum in their journey.

Integration with Polygon Ecosystem: A Strategic Move

Joining the Polygon ecosystem is a notable milestone for Pundi X, indicating a synergistic collaboration that promises to potentially elevate the utility and scope of the XPOS® system. This move is anticipated to foster a seamless environment where transactions on the blockchain are not confined to the online sphere but can transcend into the physical retail space. Polygon’s established ecosystem offers a fertile ground for Pundi X to proliferate, providing a platform where the powerful features of the XPOS® can be leveraged to facilitate crypto payments in brick-and-mortar stores, possibly revolutionizing the retail industry.

XPOS®: Revolutionizing Retail Transactions

The XPOS® system stands as a pillar of Pundi X’s vision to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and physical retail transactions. Running on the Android operating system, it arms merchants with the ability to accept crypto payments or even sell cryptocurrencies directly from their physical shops. The system encapsulates functionalities such as capturing data in QR codes and supporting NFC applications. Moreover, it integrates with renowned blockchain networks including Bitcoin Lightning Network, Ethereum, Tron, and BNB smart chain networks, while also offering compatibility with popular blockchain wallets like Metamask, Trust, f(x)Wallet, and others. This confluence of features posits XPOS® as a leading solution in the transition towards a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

Potential Implications for the Crypto Sphere

The integration of Pundi X with the Polygon ecosystem carries significant implications for the broader crypto sphere. It symbolizes a step towards realizing a world where crypto transactions are not limited to online platforms but are seamlessly integrated into everyday retail transactions. This move could potentially herald a new era where crypto becomes a commonplace transaction medium, enhancing the versatility and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the global financial landscape. Investors and crypto enthusiasts are eagerly watching these developments, expecting a surge in opportunities and avenues for crypto transactions in the daily marketplace.


The recent announcement of Pundi X’s integration into the Polygon ecosystem marks a significant milestone in the continual effort to foster a secure and inclusive financial ecosystem through blockchain technology. This collaboration paves the way for innovative solutions that facilitate seamless crypto transactions in the physical retail space, potentially revolutionizing the industry. As Pundi X further strengthens its foothold in the market with its cutting-edge XPOS® system, the crypto world can anticipate a future where digital currencies are ingrained in daily transactions, bringing the vision of an inclusive financial world one step closer to reality.

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