Revolutionize Crypto Trading with Binance’s New Arbitrage Bot and Spot Copy Trading Features

Binance Expands Trading Options with New Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and Full Access to Spot Copy Trading

  • Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, has launched a new Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and fully rolled out Spot Copy Trading to all eligible users.
  • The new bot automates a delta-neutral spot and futures arbitrage strategy, simplifying the process for traders.
  • Spot Copy Trading, which allows users to replicate the portfolios of successful traders, is now fully available following a successful introduction to Lead Traders.

Binance continues to innovate in the crypto trading space with the launch of a new Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and full access to Spot Copy Trading. These tools aim to simplify trading strategies and increase potential profits for users.

Introducing the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot

The Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot is Binance’s first bot to automate a delta-neutral spot and futures arbitrage strategy. It eliminates the need for manual execution of separate spot and perpetual futures trades, allowing traders to earn funding fees by opening a perpetual futures position and hedging it with an opposite position on the spot market. The bot’s strategies are managed in users’ trading bots wallet, making performance monitoring straightforward.

Spot Copy Trading Now Fully Available

Initially released to Lead Traders in late April, Spot Copy Trading is now available to all eligible users. This feature allows users to follow Lead Traders and replicate their portfolios, enhancing their own trading performance. More than 70% of active Lead Traders have recorded positive P&L since registering for Spot Copy Trading, despite a volatile market that saw overall crypto market capitalization drop by 11% in April.

Expanding the Binance Ecosystem

Binance’s latest offerings reflect its commitment to providing user-centric solutions and continuously improving the trading experience. The platform offers nearly 120,000 active trading strategies and continues to expand its array of automated trading tools. These innovations are part of Binance’s comprehensive suite of crypto products and services, which includes trading, finance, education, data and research, social good, decentralization, infrastructure solutions, and more.


With the launch of the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and full access to Spot Copy Trading, Binance continues to lead the way in crypto trading innovation. These tools simplify trading strategies and increase potential profits for users, reflecting Binance’s commitment to user-centric solutions. As the crypto market continues to evolve, traders can expect Binance to remain at the forefront of development, offering new and improved tools to enhance the trading experience.

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