Solana-Based GameStop (GME) Meme Coin Soars Over 403% Amid Market Expansion: Top 5 Meme Coins to Watch

  • In a recent development, shares of video retailer GameStop have once again seen a notable rise, echoing memories of the 2021 surge.
  • This uptick comes after an influential update from retail trader Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, regarding his substantial investment in the stock.
  • The event’s impact extended beyond traditional stock markets, sparking significant movements in the cryptocurrency space as well.

This article delves into the recent surge in both GameStop’s stock and related meme tokens, highlighting investment opportunities in emerging meme coins.

GameStop’s Upward Trajectory Resurfaces

GameStop’s shares have experienced a resurgence, reflecting a similar pattern seen in 2021. This revival was sparked by a notable update from Keith Gill, who is widely recognized for his influence on retail trading. Gill’s recommitment to investing in GameStop has resonated strongly within the trading community, causing a ripple of renewed interest and investment.

Impact on Meme Tokens: A Crypto Ripple Effect

The influence of GameStop’s increased stock value extended into the digital asset realm, particularly affecting meme tokens built on blockchain technologies. One example is the Solana-based meme token GameStop (GME), which, despite having no official ties to the retailer, saw a meteoric rise of over 403% within a week. This surge underscores the interconnectedness of stock market movements and cryptocurrency trends.

Five Promising Meme Coins Poised for Growth

Amid this market excitement, traders are exploring other meme coins with promising potential. Here are five notable meme coins to consider:

  1. PlayDoge ($PLAY)
  2. Sealana ($SEAL)
  3. WienerAI ($WAI)
  4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ)
  5. Fight Night ($FNIO)

Let’s explore these coins and their unique value propositions.

1. PlayDoge ($PLAY) – Bridging Nostalgia with Modern Gaming

PlayDoge stands out in the meme coin ecosystem with its engaging Play-to-Earn (P2E) model. Inspired by the beloved 1990s Tamagotchi game, PlayDoge revives the concept with a blockchain twist. Players care for virtual dogs, combining nostalgia with cryptocurrency rewards. The coin’s presale has amassed over $3.5 million, reflecting strong market enthusiasm.

2. Sealana ($SEAL) – Satirical and Patriotic Appeal

Sealana, with its humorous and patriotic undertones, features a seal mascot that satirizes American culture. Starting as a Solana-exclusive token, it has expanded its reach to multiple blockchain networks including BNB and Ethereum. Sealana’s unique presale strategy and successful fundraising efforts have already raised over $3 million, making it a noteworthy contender in the meme coin arena.

3. WienerAI ($WAI) – Utilizing AI for Market Predictions

WienerAI aims to democratize market analysis for everyday investors with an AI bot that identifies trading opportunities. The bot uses machine learning to provide informed trade suggestions based on investor-defined parameters. With over $5 million raised, WienerAI’s simplistic yet powerful approach to crypto trading is drawing significant attention.

4. BaseDawgz ($DAWGZ) – A Cross-Chain Adventure

BaseDawgz leverages the robust Base network, known for its quick transactions and low fees, while standing out as a cross-chain meme coin. It operates across multiple blockchain environments such as Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. This flexibility ensures diverse participation and accessibility, tapping into various blockchain ecosystems for broader adoption.

5. Fight Night ($FNIO) – An Ode to Boxing Legends

Fight Night combines nostalgia and gaming by creating a retro-themed boxing game featuring legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Players can engage in blockchain-recorded boxing matches while earning $FNIO tokens. This innovative blend of historical figures and digital gaming is capturing the interest of crypto enthusiasts.


The recent GameStop stock surge illustrates the interconnectedness of traditional and digital markets. As GameStop shares rise, related meme tokens, such as the Solana-based GME token, experience significant gains. This phenomenon highlights the potential for growth in the meme coin sector driven by market events. With GameStop setting the stage, meme coins like $PLAY, $SEAL, $WAI, $DAWGZ, and $FNIO are ready to capitalize on this momentum, offering promising opportunities for investors.

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