Solana Foundation Disqualifies Validators Exploiting Sandwich Attack Bug, Affirms Strong Stance Against Malpractice

  • The Solana Foundation recently disqualified certain validators exploiting the Sandwich attack bug.
  • These validators will no longer receive support from the foundation for misusing the platform.
  • Montaz addressed persistent issues with MEV and harmful network spamming from some RPC providers.

Discover the latest actions by the Solana Foundation to ensure the integrity of their blockchain network by disqualifying exploitative validators.

Solana Foundation’s Stand Against Malicious Validators

Helius CEO, Mert Montaz, recently spoke on X (formerly Twitter) about the Solana Foundation’s Delegation program and the disqualification of validators for malpractice. This action follows the identification of validators exploiting a bug dubbed the Sandwich attack, which manipulates transactions to the detriment of investors.

Understanding the Sandwich Attack and Its Implications

The Sandwich attack is a malicious strategy that allows attackers to manipulate transaction sequences, leading to financial losses for retail investors while generating profits for the attackers. Montaz pointed out that the Solana blockchain’s lack of a mempool typically guards against such attacks. However, certain validators have altered their software to enable these harmful exploits.

Foundation’s Response and Future Measures

The Solana Foundation has taken a resolute stance against validators who misuse their position for personal gain. By disqualifying validators involved in Sandwich attacks, the foundation aims to uphold network integrity. Montaz emphasized that these disqualified validators, who constitute less than 16% of the total stake, can still operate independently but will not benefit from the foundation’s financial incentives.

MEV and Network Spamming: Ongoing Challenges

Montaz highlighted ongoing issues such as Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) practices and spamming by certain malicious RPC providers. These actions continue to plague the Solana blockchain, complicating fair transaction processes. Montaz reassured the community that Helius RPCs are working on a solution by developing an MEV-protected endpoint to mitigate these concerns.

Future Policies to Promote Fairness

In his closing statements, Montaz suggested that future stake pools will likely adopt similar policies to discourage exploitative behaviors. Such measures are expected to foster a more equitable environment for retail investors, thus preserving trust and integrity within the Solana ecosystem.


The Solana Foundation’s recent actions against malicious validators demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure and fair blockchain network. By addressing the misuse of the Sandwich attack and tackling MEV and network spam issues, they continue to advance towards a more transparent and equitable environment for all stakeholders.

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