Solana (SOL) Gains Momentum with TD Sequential Buy Signal and Key Support at $141

  • Solana (SOL) has seen a minor market gain of 1.37% in the last 24 hours, a positive shift welcomed by investors.
  • Despite the recent uptrend, SOL had a challenging past week, losing 8.11% of its market value.
  • Crypto analyst Ali Martinez suggests that Solana might sustain its recent performance due to a detected buy signal.

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Solana Reaches Crucial $141 Support, Signaled Path for Price Increase

Over the weekend, Ali Martinez highlighted that Solana had descended to a significant support level at the $141 price point. This decline has resulted in a buy signal being generated by the TD Sequential indicator.

#Solana touches a pivotal support level at $141, with the TD Sequential indicator showing a buy signal on the daily $SOL chart! If this support remains intact, #SOL could see a rebound over the next one to four daily candlesticks.

— Ali (@ali_charts) June 15, 2024

The Tom DeMark Sequential is a reputable tool in technical analysis, primarily used to pinpoint potential reversal points and trend changes by analyzing a series of price bars. Martinez believes that if Solana’s price stability at $141 holds, a price rally could ensue, continuing for up to four days.

Since hitting this support level, Solana has increased by over 3%, now trading above $145. This movement could suggest a burgeoning upward trend.

Should Solana maintain its current growth trajectory over the coming days, its price may reach approximately $158. However, the $149 resistance zone poses a significant hurdle that could potentially trigger a return to bearish trends if substantial selling pressure materializes.

Current SOL Price Analysis

Currently, Solana is priced at $145.16, having faced a 10.25% decline over the past month. Despite this, SOL remains a standout performer among major cryptocurrencies, reporting a remarkable 43.5% market gain throughout 2024.

Solana’s historical performance during the last bull run, where it surged from about $3.5 to peak at $249.98, positions it as a noteworthy contender in upcoming market movements. Moreover, Solana’s diverse ecosystem, including a robust meme coin sector valued at $7.46 billion, could drive its value higher in the months ahead.


In conclusion, while Solana has experienced fluctuations in its market value, the recent price movements and technical indicators suggest potential for short-term gains. Investors should keep an eye on the $141 support level and the critical $149 resistance point as these will likely dictate SOL’s near-term trajectory. Looking forward, Solana’s past performance and ecosystem strength may well fuel further gains in an anticipated crypto bull run.

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