Bitcoin Price Predictions Revised by Bernstein: BTC Expected to Hit $1 Million by 2033

  • Bitcoin price targets have recently been revised by Bernstein analysts Gautam Chhugani and Mahika Sapra.
  • The analysts have outlined several factors that could significantly contribute to BTC’s exponential price rise.
  • Chhugani and Sapra forecast BTC to peak at $200,000 by 2025 and reach $1 million by 2033, considering two upcoming Bitcoin halvings.

Bernstein analysts predict Bitcoin will exceed $200,000 by 2025 and reach an astonishing $1 million by 2033, driven by major factors including Bitcoin ETF demand and strategic acquisitions.

Bitcoin Gains Momentum with MicroStrategy and Spot ETFs

Research firms have been closely monitoring the potential impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Current projections suggest that assets under management for these ETFs could soar to $190 billion by 2025, up from the current $60 billion, driven by growing investor interest.

Supply and Demand Dynamics Favor BTC Price Surge

The anticipation surrounding Spot Bitcoin ETFs has analysts predicting that significant accumulation of crypto tokens by these funds will reduce the circulating supply of Bitcoin. This supply constraint, compounded by the planned Bitcoin halvings, is expected to drive BTC prices towards unprecedented levels. With mining rewards decreasing, the squeeze on supply could act as a crucial catalyst for price appreciation.

MicroStrategy’s Strategic Positioning in the Bitcoin Market

MicroStrategy has been spotlighted for its aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy, which has notably transformed the company. Analysts now estimate that MicroStrategy’s stocks could see a substantial rise, potentially climbing to $2,890. This represents a nearly 95% increase from its current valuation of approximately $1,500 per share, reflecting the company’s pivot from a conventional software business to the largest holder of Bitcoin.

Future Outlook for MicroStrategy and Bitcoin Market

According to Bernstein’s report, MicroStrategy’s commitment to becoming “the world’s largest Bitcoin company” is paying off. Since it began accumulating Bitcoin in August 2020, the company has shifted its focus significantly, strategically positioning itself amidst the rapidly evolving digital asset market. This strategic pivot underscores the transformative potential of Bitcoin investments for corporate entities, fueling both market and investor interest in Bitcoin as a pivotal asset.


In summary, Bernstein’s revised price targets underscore an optimistic outlook for Bitcoin, driven by emerging market dynamics and institutional investments. With Spot Bitcoin ETFs and corporate giants like MicroStrategy accumulating Bitcoin, the forecast of BTC hitting $200,000 by 2025 and reaching $1 million by 2033 appears feasible. Investors should, however, gauge these insights carefully, considering the inherent market risks.

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