Solana [SOL] Shows Bullish Signs Amid Bearish Market Trends: A Potential Reversal?

  • Recent trends show Solana’s price plummeting by nearly 10% this week.
  • Despite initial bullish metrics, key indicators point to potential struggles ahead.
  • Experts weigh in on the current market scenario with notable observations.

Analyzing the latest market movements, we discuss Solana’s price dip, market sentiment, and potential for reversal.

A Notable Buy Signal for Solana

Over the past week, Solana witnessed a significant price dip, falling close to 10%. Currently, SOL trades at approximately $144.39, with a market cap exceeding $66 billion.

Despite this downturn, there’s cautious optimism among investors. Ali, a respected crypto analyst, recently tweeted about a compelling development.

Ali points out a buy signal appearing on Solana’s TD sequential at around the $141 level.

Solana maintaining its support at this price suggests that a recovery from last week’s downturn could be imminent.

Further analysis using’s data shows Solana’s fear and greed index at 37%, signaling market fear.

This often precedes a bullish trend, making the current scenario ripe for potential gains.

The Prospect of a Bullish Turn

Given the positive indicators, we delved deeper into Solana’s on-chain metrics to evaluate the likelihood of a potential bull run.

Interestingly, SOL’s Funding Rate has shown a decline.

Typically, price movements are inversely related to the Funding Rate. The decline in Open Interest alongside price hints at a change in the bearish trend.

Additionally, a decrease in SOL’s trading volume hints that a price rebound could be on the horizon. However, investor sentiment remains cautious.

The Weighted Sentiment index showing a negative trend suggests that bearish views still dominate.

Despite these metrics, market indicators remain bearish. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) are both trending downwards.

Moreover, the MACD continues to show a bearish market advantage, indicating potential further declines for Solana.

Anticipating Market Movements

In conducting our market evaluations, we refer to Hyblock Capital’s data, which supports the possibility of a continued downtrend, potentially dropping SOL to $139.

For Solana to reverse the trend, surpassing $145 becomes critical, as increased liquidations could drive short-term price corrections.


Solana’s price decrease is notable, but the presence of a buy signal offers a glimmer of hope. Investors should monitor critical support and resistance levels for indications of a trend reversal or continued decline.

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