Suriname’s Future: Presidential Candidate Advocates for Bitcoin Adoption Amid Economic Struggles

  • The advent of Bitcoin is emerging as a potential solution for economic difficulties in developing nations, often plagued by high inflation, currency devaluation, and limited access to traditional financial systems.
  • In Suriname, a South American country currently facing economic turmoil, a political candidate is making headlines with a radical proposal—adopting Bitcoin as the foundation of the nation’s financial structure.
  • “Pay attention to @MayaPar25 — she’s positioning herself as the next president of Suriname, advocating for a Bitcoin Standard as a cornerstone of her economic strategy,” tweeted Walker (@WalkerAmerica).

Suriname’s push for Bitcoin adoption is gaining momentum as political figures propose cryptocurrency as a solution to economic woes.

Bitcoin First

Maya Parbhoe, who identifies herself as a “Bitcoiner first, politician second,” is running for president with a platform primarily centered on Bitcoin adoption. Her goal is to protect Suriname from the volatility of its national currency and pave the way for greater financial inclusion.

“Pay attention to @MayaPar25 — she’s positioning herself as the next president of Suriname, advocating for a Bitcoin Standard as a cornerstone of her economic strategy,” tweeted Walker (@WalkerAmerica).

Parbhoe’s strategy involves multiple facets. Firstly, she plans to encourage the use of Bitcoin for routine transactions such as purchasing groceries and paying bills. Secondly, she aims to establish a robust regulatory framework to build trust within the Bitcoin sphere. Finally, her campaign includes a nationwide educational effort to equip citizens with the required knowledge to maneuver in the digital currency landscape.

Suriname Embraces Crypto

Suriname isn’t the only country moving towards Bitcoin. El Salvador, another nation facing economic challenges, has recently made significant strides in this direction. The Central American country has announced its first Bitcoin-based capital raise in collaboration with Bitfinex Securities.

This initiative is intended to democratize access to capital and investment by bypassing traditional financial systems, which have often excluded large segments of the population.

Shield Vs. Inflation

Can Bitcoin serve as a panacea for developing economies? Proponents like Parbhoe argue that it offers promising solutions. With its finite supply, Bitcoin is seen as a hedge against inflation, unlike fiat currencies managed by governments. Furthermore, its decentralized infrastructure potentially reduces transaction costs and enhances financial transparency.

However, the path to Bitcoin-fueled economic stability is fraught with obstacles. The primary challenge is Bitcoin’s well-documented price volatility, which makes it a risky instrument for daily transactions.

Another issue is accessibility. In many developing countries, especially rural areas, internet connectivity is sparse, potentially limiting widespread adoption of Bitcoin. Additionally, the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining cannot be ignored, raising questions about its sustainability.

El Salvador’s ongoing experiment and the possible future endeavors in Suriname will be pivotal. While the benefits of Bitcoin are compelling, its long-term viability as a solution for developing economies remains to be seen.


In summary, Bitcoin’s adoption in developing countries like Suriname and El Salvador is a bold economic experiment aimed at mitigating financial instability and fostering inclusion. While the promise of Bitcoin is enticing, significant challenges such as price volatility, accessibility issues, and environmental concerns must be addressed to realize its full potential. The outcomes of these initiatives will provide invaluable insights into the efficacy of cryptocurrency as a financial backbone for emerging economies.

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