Major Token Unlocks This October: AXS Leads the Charge

Unraveling the impact and implications of the imminent major token unlocks in October, as the crypto space prepares for potential market shifts.

Aptos Needs to Break This Resistance to Sustain Its Rise! September 25th Update APT Analysis!

In our current Aptos (APT) analysis, we evaluated short, medium, and long-term views! APT coin needs to break a critical resistance to continue rising.

Upbit Exchange Faces a $3.4 Billion APT Scam! What’s Happening with Aptos?

The Aptos (APT) scam that occurred on Upbit exchange has stirred the waters: Thousands of accounts were affected, and the amount of fake tokens reached massive proportions.

FTX to Liquidate Solana, Bitcoin, and Other Assets Following Court Approval!

In a pivotal move, FTX receives court sanction to sell a sizable part of its assets including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, aiming to enhance liquidity. This analysis dives deep into the implications of this development on the crypto market and the considerations for investors.

FTX’s Imminent Liquidation Stirs Market Speculations: Analyzing Potential Ripple Effects on Bitcoin and Solana

As the FTX exchange gears up for a significant liquidation process, the crypto market braces for potential volatility, especially concerning assets like Solana that hold a substantial chunk in FTX's portfolio. Get a comprehensive analysis here.

Aptos Launches Its New Product: Will APT Price Be Affected?

Aptos can regain its lost popularity with its new product: Aptos' move can make APT investors happy in the long run.

Microsoft Teams Up with Aptos (APT) and Aptos Price Gains +%10!

Aptos Labs, the company behind the multi-layered blockchain Aptos, announces a collaboration with Microsoft. Aside from working on asset tokenization, digital payments, and...

Aptos (APT) Investors are Monitoring These Levels for an Upswing! July 4th APT Analysis

When examining APT's daily technical chart, a strong upward movement starting from the level of $7.51 can be observed. Considering the resistance levels and short-term outlook of APT, important points emerge for investors.

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