Tokenizing Real-World Assets: A Rising Trend in Both Crypto and Traditional Finance

As the lines between cryptocurrency and traditional finance blur, tokenizing real-world assets on blockchains emerges as the latest frontier, promising enhanced utility and economic efficiency.

U.S. Regulations Misfire: The Unjust Conflation of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Examining the potential setbacks American innovation may face due to recent regulations conflating cryptocurrency with the foundational blockchain technology.

Blockchain Capital Secures $580M: A New Horizon in Crypto Investments Despite Bear Market

Despite the ongoing crypto bear market, Blockchain Capital's ambitious venture with two new funds signals a robust faith in the future of digital finance.

JPMorgan is Exploring Blockchain-Based Tokens! Will JPMorgan Launch a Coin?

JPMorgan, one of the largest banks in the US, has begun researching blockchain-based deposit tokens; What does this move mean?

Amazon Web Services Unleashes New Blockchain Service: A Game Changer for Bitcoin and More

Amazon's cloud service division, AWS, has introduced a new service that enhances blockchain-related operations. The service, part of the existing Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), includes two features that facilitate communication with public blockchains and streamline the construction of scalable applications. AWS is also investing in Web3 business, highlighted by a collaboration with the Japan-based public blockchain, Astar Network.

Google Play Unleashes the Power of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: A Game-Changing Shift in Blockchain Policy!

Google Play has made a policy change that allows developers to publish apps containing cryptocurrency and NFT products.

Bernstein: $5 Trillion Blockchain Opportunity Awaits

Asset management firm Bernstein has urged financial institutions to adopt blockchain to be part of the modernization of financial markets. Tokenization is expected to transform financial markets in the next decade, with approximately $5tn of real financial assets to be tokenized on blockchains within the next five years. Tokenization benefits include lower costs, instant payments, liquidity, digital programmability, reduced counterparty risks, and global accessibility.

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